6:37 a.m. was the same time each morning Sevyn started her day. Ace was aware of this fact and chose to act upon his desires to reconnect with Sevyn.  About four months passed since the two were together as a couple, and Ace Mallard was ready to end his drought with love and claim his woman. Sevyn was unaware of his plans nor prepared when he came knocking asking to be let into her heart again. Ace chose the best possible way to remind Sevyn of his love and affection for her. The intimate moments were off the charts for this couple.

The story was a full novel this time, unlike the three previous novella entries. And yes, Syx and Trough were part of the book in a significant way.  Readers also learned why Trough was hellbent on keeping Syx out of his life until it was time. What on earth does that mean? I know you’re asking that question as I was too. My friends, I’ll have to explain my verbosity if I give too much away about the story. I want you to love these characters as much as I do, and sometimes I get so excited and talk too much… I’m laughing at my self now. Back to the story.  After Ace snitched, Syx had to deal with the fact that Trough Mallard was not feeling Syx having a new man in her life and left her no choice the night he came for her once again. The visual the author painted of his objection was very hot. Wow, is all I can say to explain his reaction to Trey being at Syx’s.

Syx continued to struggle with the thought of a man like Trough Mallard having an interest in a Plain Jane like her. The Colorism phenomenon was causing her to second guess her attributes attractiveness to Trough’s unusual type. If you’ll recall, Syx worked for his wife, a plastic Black Barbie type, who was always conscious about her appearance. Syx, on the other hand, was comfortable in her looks until Trough made his attraction to her his mission in life.  And dangit, he was gone. He was back to his standard women, in Syx’s view.  I was not his friend for a while in this story. Thankfully, the author rescued me from the ledge before I took the plunge.  Two week and five days Trough and Syx had endured the distance he’d imposed again on their relationship. But this time, he was ready to deal with his feelings, except for a little distraction named Lorie. I don’t understand why men can’t figure out its best to close one door before opening another. By the way, I’ll never be able to say ‘Flick again and keep a straight face.’ You’ll see what I mean.

The cameo by Reign, Rowe, and Bella from another series was entertaining. Rowe being fitted for her wedding by Syx was a nice touch to remind readers of her skill set as a designer. The business Trough helper her establish. The Lorie effect impacted Trough and Syx’s for a brief moment, and in the end, both Syx and Sevyn were right on time. I’m chomping at the bit for more Grey stories. 5 Stars again!


Review – Syx Thirty Sevyn by Grey

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