Uncover Me- by Grey Huffington

The Uncover Series was yet another excellent set of short sessions for this author. I was never one to complain about the length of a story, and this author is helping me with my patience as she makes it okay to wait for the next part of the saga without whining too much.

In book one, Solar and Hunter came to an understanding that their relationship was broken as he admitted to his ratchet ways. What upset me was his arrogance in his admission. In Uncover Me, Solar made her threat a reality. And then she had an issue with her vehicle which led her to meet Nahzir at his place of business, I was happy for a minute. I was about to get upset because the first time they met, I thought she’d met another arrogant @$$ much like the one she’d just left. Thankfully, this was not the case. I was left panting at the end of this book waiting for the next shoe to drop. Book two was worth all the ugly things I said to Hunter in Book one. Karma can be a colossal Beeatch! 4.8 Stars

Unleash Me- By Grey Huffington

The third book in the series brought so much more to light about Hunter’s real issues, and the fact that he wasn’t all that and a bag of chips like he wanted us to believe. He was a bag of poo for sure. Little did he know, his actions helped make Solar move on faster.

The guiding light that brought Nahzir and Solar together was like magical energy. It was hot and steamy, and sexy as all get out. The man could roll my rims anytime. He was intense; conversely, Solar was able to see behind curtain number three despite his desires to keep his heart encased in the self-imposed wall. And once again, Hunter had his sorry butt handled. The conclusion to this story had a happy for now ending for the couple. The ending also left me to ponder if High and Mighty-thinking Hunter will try to retaliate against the couple later. I’m sure Nazhir will be ready for whatever he brings. 4.8 Stars.

Review – Uncover Me & Unleash Me, by Grey Huffington

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