Tension /ˈtenSH(ə)n/ The silent force that can either draw two hearts together or push them apart.

Dakota Buck a rough around the edges music executive, strides through life calling the shots with an aura of grit. Yet beneath his rugged exterior lies a complex man shaped by a past marred by betrayal and disappointment, leaving him guarded against true connection and trust. Although willing to open his heart, Dakota yearns for a bond that transcends the superficial or nothing.

On the other hand, Mariah Stanfill is a passionate high school counselor who brightens every room she enters. Done being a perpetual bridesmaid, she’s ready to finally experience the devoted love she’s witnessed for years in others. However, wary of judgment, Mariah hesitates to make herself vulnerable as she searches for a man who will value her long-stifled voice.

When Dakota and Mariah find themselves thrust into a whirlwind marriage by the elite matchmaking service Arranged Hearts, their union becomes an all-or-nothing gamble on love. From the outset, uncertainties and the contrasting promises of blissful harmony or utter chaos hang over their arranged marriage.

As they navigate this unconventional path together, Dakota grapples with his deep-seated trust issues rooted in past betrayals, while Mariah contends with her fears of vulnerability and opening herself up. Forced to confront each other’s insecurities, flaws, and the shadows of their pasts, the question remains: Will this bold leap lead them to an enduring love? Or will their marriage crumble under the weight of unspoken truths and external pressures? Will the arranged hearts commit to forever, or will I do turn into I don’t?


New Release Spotlight – Tension: The Arranged Hearts Series, by C. Monet

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