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Claimed by Crayson (To Marry A Madden Book 2) by Sherelle Green

If there were ever a man who prided himself on always being up front with women, it’s tatted bad boy, Crayson Madden, in the flesh. His world may revolve around sex and cigars, but there’s a lot more to this cigar lounge owner than what meets the eye. Too bad Jordyn Jameson spends more time arguing with him, than seeing beyond his asshole-ish ways. Now, they are forced together whether she likes it or not and the more Crayson pushes her buttons, the more he likes what he sees behind the confident siren.

Dessert bar owner, Jordyn Jameson, would rather poke her eyes out than spend time with the certified playboy. Unfortunately, this creator of tasty treats doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Crayson has recipe for disaster written across his sexy forehead and the one thing she’s learned from her past, is that men like Crayson were good for one thing and one thing only. She knows he wants her in his bed, and although she may be tempted, she’s not giving in. Besides, she has bigger things on her mind. Jordyn has been harboring a big secret and needs help fast. The irony of it all? The last man she’d ever sleep with may be the only one to help ensure that her secret stays that way.



Say You’ll Never Leave by Chelsea Maria

If I tell you how I feel, will you keep bringing out the best in me? – Sade


He gave me love. The sweetest taboo my lips ever tasted. He opened my eyes to see that if I gave him the sweetest part of me, he would keep on loving me. So I gave until the wells of my water ran dry. Now I’m empty and he’s ready to replenish. The echo of my beating heart reminds me that he left us because he was afraid. Unwilling to change my name from Worthy to Secret, I said goodbye.


She said I Do and eloped her soul to me when she moaned my name. Time and time again, I gave her an open door. A chance to run and not be chained to me. But in the end, it was me who snuck out through the back door and cowardly walked away without so much as a goodbye.


We promised each other forever. I won’t allow him to hurt me again.


I need her to trust me with her heart again. The quiet storm called “Us” is brewing, and it never felt so hot.



Wrong Vengeance: from the Heartbreak Diaries Series by The Blakk Dahlia

Wrong Vengeance | The Toxic Heart
Pain…A hard thing to let go. Brandy deals with the type of man she’s grown to despise. It’s hard for her not to turn into what destroyed her emotionally. She knew better. Knew she deserved better, but love…It ends in a nearly fatal disaster. Brandy was lucky to have fled the grasp of the pain attempting to draw her back in. Moving on, life deals her a good hand in love. However, the pain of what she escaped lingers; slowly releasing the monster within. Will she allow past hurt to eliminate future happiness? A constant replay of a bad experience can kill a good thing. It’s even worse when you’re becoming the Heartbreak.

the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series
Heartbreak Diaries is a collection of stories highlighting different levels of pain in Loveland. Sometimes their heart is broken, sometimes they break hearts of others, and sometimes they break their own hearts. It’s up to you to decide. Heartbreak Diaries is filled with love, lust mistaken for love, love lost, and love regained. The self-reflections of where one goes wrong when deciding who to love and how to prevent it from ending.



Hope for Tomorrow (Magnolia Gardens Book 2) by Michelle Stimpson & CaSandra McLaughlin

Just when Frenchetta “Frenchie” Davenport thought she had gotten settled into her active senior living complex, her life gets un-settling again. Her son’s petty street antics continue to be a source of stress, and her daughter’s family might be on the verge of a split. Should Frenchie step in to help…or is it better to let her adult children find their own way? And what about her own life? Is it too late for another romance?

Though Maxine is up in age, she’s just starting to live now that she’s no longer in her abusive marriage. But making new friends and trying new things doesn’t feel safe. Not only that, her son is begging for Maxine to give his father another chance. After all this time, how could she turn her back on the man she gave the best years of her life to?

And inquiring minds want to know: Will Buddy ever stop trying to hit on every woman who enters Magnolia Gardens?

Bestselling author duo Michelle Stimpson and CaSandra McLaughlin will keep you laughing, wondering, and even praying as this lovable cast of characters continue blooming in the Magnolia Gardens series.



The Bad Boy I Love 2 by B. Love

For Misery, things just keep getting worse. No matter how much money he makes and success he sees, he consistently finds himself surrounded by darkness. Thankfully, Isla enters his life and becomes the light he needs to make his way through. As things get better for him, Isla’s life gets shaken in the most unexpected way.

Chaos has only one goal – to be a better father than his father. Though Carmen isn’t his first pick for the mother of his child, he’s devoted to doing all he can to make sure his baby has the family he never did. When Carmen becomes his main priority, business and personal relationships suffer – including the one he’s trying to build with Fiona.

What happens when the most lethal man in the streets is cornered by the woman he hurt? Gunner finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. His gun. Being held by the person he least expected to ever come for him. In seconds, everyone in the room becomes victim to April’s need to avenge her shattered heart. Will Gunner be able to make his way out alive, or will he become the first man on April’s payback list?

Misery, Chaos, and Gunner all get a taste of the rewards and risks of loving a good woman. There is one goal in this riveting two-part series, all three men must ask themselves… can a bad boy truly love a good woman the way she needs to be loved?



The Christmas Admirer by Keitra Crooks

Christmas bells were ringing and Olivia Richards was thrilled about it because not only was it her favorite time of year; she had a secret admirer that was making the season more magical. Now all she wanted was for him to reveal himself so she could get the best present of all; him. But until that happened, Olivia decided to pursue a new job baking at Darren’s restaurant.

Darren Hunter had a hugely successful restaurant but his desserts left something to be desired so when Olivia became available, he snatched her up. Even though she didn’t care for him much because she felt he was a flirtatious ladies’ man, Darren hoped that their working relationship would change all of that.

As they worked together, Olivia and Darren soon grow closer. When a blizzard hits and Olivia gets stranded at Darren’s, will Olivia forget about her secret admirer and fall for him? And how will she feel when Darren reveals a secret of his own?



The Governor’s Wife by Amaka Azie

Newly separated Ogonna Moneke has come to Abuja to open a safe house for abused women. Luck is on her side when the perfect site falls into her lap…until she learns who owns it. The chances of Philip Adamu renting to her are slim to none. Why would he when she dropped her financially struggling college sweetheart like a hot potato to marry someone else?Real estate tycoon Philip Adamu can’t believe his eyes when Ogonna struts into his office. Seven years earlier, the gold digger had kicked him to the curb to marry a wealthy politician. Now she needs him, more like needs his property. Vowing not to rent her so much as a dog house, Philip shows Ogonna the door. But can he resist the feelings he’s denied for so long when he sees her flirting with a rival developer?Sparks fly the moment they meet again. But he’s engaged and she’s still hiding the dangerous secret to her marriage.Can love and forgiveness overcome the lies and deceptions?Can they trust each other and the future they’d once dreamt of?



All That Jazz: Them Lewis Girls by T. Key and Monica Walters

Jazmine Chavaiah Lewis. Whimsical, bubbly little sister to Jaida Lewis-Charles, wife of Grammy award winning rapper Noah Brooks is a lot of everything.

Ryan Charles Jr., brother of Noah Brooks and so much more than what meets the eye.

Her larger than life personality and his unique and mysterious swag brought them together. But will the strength of their very strong personalities tear them apart? Both heavily burdened by the remnants of their past, they try to navigate loves waters, uncharted for them both. She pulls things out of him he’s never felt, and he pushes her to the limit at every turn. Is she the Bonnie to his Clyde or are they just too troubled to have anything lasting?



The Revelations of Ryan, Jr. (Written Between the Pages Book 3) by Monica Walters & T.Key

Things usually aren’t what they seem to be on the surface. Ryan ‘RJ’ Charles, Jr. is living proof of that. As the brother of Grammy award winning rapper, Noah, RJ had been able to hide in the shadows. That was the way he liked it. Although he is the son of a Pastor, he has secrets that will shock your senses. Beyond the stereotype of being a preacher’s kid, RJ fools everyone into believing they truly know him. The truth is, they know RJ, but none of them knew Ryan. Besides his deceased mother, no one knew the truth except him and God. He tended to stay on the light side of things, never pursuing a serious relationship or job for that matter. He constantly deals with ratchet females and offers comedic relief for his family. After he attempts to get his life together, he decides to pursue Jazmine Lewis, the sister of Jaida, who was Noah’s girlfriend at the time. He’d been searching for the one woman that reminded him of the only woman he’d ever loved, his mom, Monique Charles. He finds that in Jazzy. However, she evokes feelings in him that he’s not comfortable showing anybody, except his Mo’. He struggles with giving in to her, because she’s a lot more than what he expected. At every turn, his troubled past haunts him and causes a rift between him and Jazzy. Unexpected consequences of his actions threaten to tear them apart. Even after he becomes a business owner, he struggles to leave his past where it belongs, in the past. Any classy woman or a woman with morals, would get tired of the back and forth. Will RJ be able to fully give in to Jazmine and all the love she has to offer, or will his past keep him prisoner to his worst enemy?



One Winter Night (The Suttons of San Francisco) by Janice L. Dennie

Veronique Sutton was voted the most popular girl in high school. This gorgeous, vivacious 29-year-old looks like she just stepped out of Hollywood. Her only dilemma is that she expects the opposite sex to look the same. Veronique knows how to attract a man, but doesn’t know how to keep one. The man she loves must be tall, handsome, upscale, and professional. And he must make her feel fire and passion. No lukewarm love for her. After making another bad choice, she gives up on finding her significant other…, until ONE WINTER NIGHT, when she meets two handsome men at her company’s Christmas party. The sincere (and wealthy) Christopher Steele and the vibrant (and fiery) Jamal Stone. Both are handsome, upscale, and professional, and both are as different as night and day. Only one can help Veronique make the right choice for her future happiness. Which one will it be?



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New Release Round-Up November 19th-25th

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