Hey Girl! Check out these new releases from November 25th-December 1st.


Twelve Dates of Christmas (Love on the Rock Book 1) by Rilzy Adams

Rashad Cole and Zia Ralph weren’t just friends. They were friends plus. Friends, plus fondness. Friends, plus undeniable chemistry. Friends, plus passion. Zia cuts off their friendship unexpectedly and six years fly by. After an unexpected meeting, Rashad wants a chance to convince Zia that although they had been good as friends, they would make better lovers. Can these twelve dates throughout Christmas convince Zia to give their love a chance? Or will Rashad spend another Christmas without her by his side?



The Changeup (New Beginnings Book 1) by Nicole Falls

For the entirety of her life Geffri Robinson has known that being a girl who plays baseball was a novelty. At some point, however, the novelty wore off and she stepped away from playing the sport until a chance exhibition places her at the center of attention once again. With the spotlight shining brightly upon her, Geffri finds herself with an amazing opportunity within her grasp that’s she’s eager to take.

But with all great success comes the trolls—enter Noah Fence, a sports blogger who’s a little too opinionated about how excellent Geffri really is and challenges her to a competition to prove his superiority. Between Noah’s challenge and the opportunity placed before her, Geffri’s calm summer escalates into a whirlwind season of dreams fulfilled.



First Down by M.T. Dixon

Skye Johnson navigated through undergrad with her head on her shoulders, thriving in her studies, and focused on her ultimate goal – graduate on time and land a good job in the sports industry. That all changed her sophomore year when she was paired up with star football player, Vonte Curtis.
Will she let him distract her from her goals?

Vonte Curtis is everything every woman wants – fine as hell, extremely talented, and charming. His eye on the prize to go to the NFL was high, but his admiration for his new partner was higher.
Will he achieve his goals on both ends?

Skye and Vonte venture through young adulthood as they take on new heights, a new city, and a surprise. Will the spotlight, distractions, and temptations destroy their relationship or will they overcome all hurdles that are placed in their way?

Money, Family, Fans, Groupies, Gossip, and Football.

Will their love survive it all?


Desdemona’s Closet: A Christmas Tale by Sabrina B. Scales

Love at first sight is all fine and good, but as for Desdemona Jones, you might need to run it past her one more time. A tough exterior is her claim to fame, and necessary for the life she lives. But even the toughest have been known to let their guard down at Christmastime.
Hilarious by nature, Pharo is the perfect match for Des. And though he wasn’t exactly looking, fate doesn’t care about that. When chance encounters with a stranger happen twice in one day, it’s too big to be a coincidence and he’s smart enough to know it.
Join these two on a hilarious, heart-filled, nutmeg scented journey to love in tight spaces!



Deeper Than Love (Brooks Family Book 6) by Delaney Diamond

Nina Winthrop knows exactly what she wants from life: to help the less fortunate, to get married, and to have a family. She’s certain she’s found the perfect man to help her achieve all of those goals. They want the same future, and best of all…he’s not Reese Brooks.

Reese knows he screwed up when he broke Nina’s heart, and he’s lived with that regret for the past ten years. Now that she’s back in town, he’s determined to show her he’s the man she should be with. But does he have what it takes to change her mind? Or will he lose her for good to another man?



Time, Love & Tenderness (Baymoor Series) by D.A. Young


Must be 18+ to read. This book contains steamy/explicit love scenes, sensitive issues, and coarse language. It is not recommended for those who are easily offended.

Book One: The Farmer & The Belle
Book Two: Lost & Found
Book Three: Take a Chance on Me

Please keep in mind that this is strictly a holiday novella and is to be enjoyed as such and nothing more.

Return to Baymoor…

It’s holiday time. The leaves have turned, the air has grown crisp, and love is all around—love of family, freedom, and life in the dreamy, community-oriented township nestled in the Maryland countryside.

But will love be enough to overcome all the challenges that our favorite Baymoor residents will face in this festive gathering of the Carlton siblings, their significant others, and host of extended family and friends? Only a hearty meal (or two), a good cry (or three), and a reaffirming commitment to one another, like only the Carlton siblings know how.



Playing the Right Notes: A Christmas Romance by Chris Stevens

Indie musician Tarvis Davidson and human resources manager Joni Oliver didn’t expect to find each other over the Christmas holiday, but a chance encounter brings them together for a love song. Will their romance continue in harmony or will they fall out of key – and love with each other?



Dancing For Your Heart (For Your Heart Book 1) by Asia Monique

“Dancing is the only way I know how to express what I feel for you.” —Brynlee

Brynlee Morris has been dancing since she was old enough to fit into a pair of pointe toe shoes. It was her saving grace during the darkest times of her life. While still healing from the trauma of her past, Brynlee meets the daunting yet charming Samir Tanneson.

Brynlee and Samir embark on a romance that could alter their world in ways they never imagined. Will they try to flee from the inevitable?


Syxth Giving (Situationships Book 5) by Grey Huffington

Syx & Trough returns. Briefly.
Here’s another chance to fall in love with them over the holiday.


Impulsive Emotion: Love Come Down by Aubree Pynn

Everything seemed to fall apart for Kendra all at once. With her parents traveling around the world, her break up from her long-time boyfriend along with her failing business, escaping from reality seemed impossible… until her best friend offered to take her home for Thanksgiving. Hesitant at first, Kendra eventually realizes that getting away from Virginia was something she desperately needed… until she locks eyes with a handsome beast that makes her world stop spinning and her honey instantly drip.

DeAndre Yates is a southern gentleman with the beastly power to bend Kendra into submission. He knew from the moment he laid eyes on her that she was going to be his. Whether for one night or an eternity. Only having access to her for seven days, he makes sure to leave an imprint on her that’s hard to be forgotten.

So what will happen when impulse mixed with rare emotions causes the lines of lust and love to become blurry?

Will Kendra and DeAndre be more than spine-tingling pleasure? Or will impulsive emotions morph into intentional love?



The Reluctant Wife: Love in Paradise (The Reluctant Series Book 3) by Nikki Walker

Adele has hit on hard times, losing her catering business and home all within the span of months. This happens at the very time that Moira is entering the “Happily Ever After’ phase of her life. After she watches Moira swept away with her groom in a white limo after the very reception, she’d tried all day to reach, it only becomes a reminder of what is missing in Adele’s life. She feels utterly hopeless.

Carlos spots Adele from a distance and is disturbed by her demeanor. The next steps he decides to take whisks them into an unanticipated journey.

In the end, will they each be able to lower their defenses long enough for love to get a grasp on their hearts?



A Promise Fulfilled: A Tweede Kans Cove Christmas (A DuBois-Arazi Family Novel Book 1) by Unoma Nwankwor

This Christmas, Unoma Nwankwor invites you to the home of the DuBois-Arazis: Tweede Kans Cove. A small town near the Mid Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Take a trip to the town where love almost always gets a second chance.

While Christmas is tough for Yasmine DuBois-Arazi, her beloved hometown of Tweede Kans Cove couldn’t be merrier. Her fix? Every year, she goes away. This year, however, when the responsibility for the Hope for the Holidays Christmas benefit suddenly falls in her lap, things might not go according to plan.
She’s gone through worse, but being in Tweede Kans Cove for the holidays isn’t something she thinks she’ll survive. She has to get out of town.

Kojo ‘Keyz’ Sarbah has been on the run long enough. Eighteen years too long. In that time, he’s become a famous, award-winning music producer. To the world, he’s living the dream, but for years, the demons from his childhood told him otherwise. After a near-death experience, he decides to seek help and live free. There’s just one problem; his heart remains bound. And the person with the key hates his guts.

Christmas is the season of hope. Tweede Kans Cove is the town where second chances are born. For Kojo, it’s time to head back to the place of his birth. Will the town’s charm and the season of hope help him convince Yasmine that he deserves a second chance?



Christmas With The Sears by Angelia Vernon Menchan

This is a SHORT story…

Sandra wasn’t ready to go home, though she missed Raphael and her grandson. She also missed her growing relationship with Kena and friendship with Aretha. Three months in Kingston with Jacques had been a dream. She held her hand out and stared at the square brown diamond he’d placed on it the night before. His words filled her belly.
“I know you aren’t ready to marry immediately, but this ring ting means we’re together. You’re my woman, and I’m your man. Understand?”
Unable to speak, she nodded her acceptance as his lips covered hers.
Jacques stood in the hallway watching her stare at the ring. There was something so real and vulnerable about her that captured him from the first meeting that had bloomed into loving her. She was natural and flawed like him, and he loved those things. He’d brought her home with him to show her how love could be. Grown love between a man and a woman. He wasn’t ready to leave either, but he had businesses to run and Christmas was coming; her first Christmas as a grandmother.



Is Love Enough? A Novella by LaKesa Cox

When Tamia Evans is laid off from her high-powered, six-figure job, she sees it as a green light for her dream-opening a swanky restaurant. But when the love of her life, Davin, doesn’t share her entrepreneurial passion and a family emergency interrupts her pursuit of happiness, Tamia finds herself at a crossroads. Will she follow her dreams, stand by her man, or take another chance at love?



The Allure of You: Rayna and Zahir (The Allure of You Series Book 3) by Sidni B.

Ever since their blow-up in Mexico, Zahir and Rayna have avoided one another like the plague. But when⁣ the love between their friends pushes them back into the same space, sparks fly again, and this time⁣ Zahir refuses to let them die out.⁣⁣⁣
With her confidence shattered thanks to her failed marriage, Rayna struggles to open herself up to all the love Zahir has to offer. But when ex-husband, Jackson, puts her in a dangerous situation she has no⁣ choice but to push her fears to the side and place well-being in Zahir’s hands.⁣⁣⁣
Love blossoms quickly, but Jackson is determined to stamp it out. By any means necessary.⁣⁣⁣



The Bridal Suite (The Innkeepers Book 4) by Rochelle Alers

Bestselling author Rochelle Alers’ returns to romantic New Orleans in this uplifting series featuring four very different friends embarking on the dream of a lifetime . . .
With her besties in the Big Easy, Nydia Santiago is second-guessing staying behind in New York City. So when Jasmine Washington calls with the exciting news that she’s getting married, Nydia happily rushes to New Orleans to be her maid of honor. Once she visits the lovely Garden District estate her friends are transforming into a luxury inn, she’s wistful to join them in their venture. Then she meets the sexy engineer in charge of the renovation. With his seductive Southern drawl, Lamar Pierce could make her believe in love again . . .

Lamar is confident, responsible, and settled—everything her ex, an aspiring Latin music singer, wasn’t. But Lamar is also a widowed father to a pre-teen girl in need of a mother, something Nydia’s not ready to be. When her ex makes a very public proposal, suddenly Nydia is running from the paparazzi—straight into Lamar’s arms. But is she ready to take the leap from singlehood to wife and mother?. . .



The Book of Matthew: Adonis (Gems & Gents Series 8) by Iris Bolling

Heroes come from all walks of life. Matthew Lassiter will learn that lesson in many ways. At a crossroads, he wonders if being a high school coach is all there is for him, until…ribs, peach cobbler and Leah Saxton walks into his life.

Leah Saxton has a father who believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen, and having babies. According to him, a brain is a terrible waste in a woman. Determined not to bow to his or any man’s will, she constantly battles to be a force in her father’s world, until…Matthew Lassiter walks into her life.

Sexual tension explodes from the first kiss to the last as the two learn the road they are traveling leads to their destiny.

Adonis: An everyday hero with an impressive punch.



When A Gangsta Calls by Lex C.

Ly’ Nia Love Bates is young and beautiful with an aura you almost can’t help but be attracted to. Especially if your name is Abram or Cayman Pierce. When Ly’ Nia finds herself facing the consequences of a jaded judgment call, these two brothers find themselves at the beginning of a tumultuous power struggle — and even an unexpected prison sentence can’t seem to help mend their burned bridge.

Abram Aries Pierce is handsome, talented, and loyal to a fault. A fault that finds him making a decision that could alter his entire life. With a connection to Ly’ Nia that is seemingly out of this world and a bond with his brother that won’t let him sever ties no matter how crazy things get, Abram finds himself facing a question that has stood the test of time and may unlock the key to the life he can feel God has promised him.

Are you your brother’s keeper?



Friendsgiving: A Short by Nako

Friendsgiving normally happened the week of Thanksgiving. Jillian Sayles saw the concept one random night where insomnia was present while strolling Pinterest.
She asked her friends to fly in for dinner and surprisingly, everyone obliged.
This short story by National Best-Selling Author, Nako is pleasantly sweet and to the point.
NAKO sheds light and emphasis on the importance of friendship centered around black women.
If reading short stories are not your thing, please pass over this story.
Happy Thanksgiving!



The Winter Baby: Restoration Series by Rhonda McKnight

An unexpected road trip. Angry emotions. A recipe for the perfect storm…

Clyde Stowe is a reformed bachelor turned devoted boyfriend, but when Kim Haynes refuses to break her vow of celibacy their romance ends. An unexpected road trip forces them together where angry unresolved emotions push them even further apart. What they don’t expect is for nature to intervene in ways they aren’t prepared for.
Kim made it through Hurricane Katrina, but is she strong enough to survive this storm? Can Clyde find the courage to turn back to the God he abandoned long ago? And will Tamar and Stephen survive them both?



Claiming Your Love by Ivy Laika

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without a sprinkle of drama.

Tempest moves to Chicago to start her new job as an image consultant a few weeks shy of Thanksgiving. Away from her family and friends, she’s befriended by the charming HR personnel, Preston. Preston makes it clear to Tempest that he wants more from her than friendship, however, there’s someone standing in his way—Zaire.

Zaire has his eyes set on Tempest. He’s determined to have her and doesn’t care what has to be done in order to do so.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 25th-December 1st

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