Book three was a sexy exercise in how to make sure your man lets you know how much he wants you. No excuses and exceptions considered.  Harmony Heights might be the place to be if you’re a young professional looking for a cool address. The series is heating up with each new character introduced to the storyline. Each one adds a little spice and simmers in each tale.  The story was about Tessa finding a greater love after she discovered the ex-lover she’d shared her life with was a gigantic liar. Once she could no longer ignore the depths of his deception, Tessa had to move on. Moving on also meant Tessa would be alone for the first time in years. She still had her friend Raphael (RJ), a lovely man who happened to have a baby’s momma who was crazier than a few of the Looney Tunes cartoons on Saturday morning. Tessa and RJ had been friends since they were a pair of youngsters.

The two friends always supported one another. Later, the friends would become lovers, much to my delight. Soon in their relationship, things became strained once the friends decided to explore a deeper connection, and many complications developed out of the blue between them. Even though they had a solid friendship, problems started to surface; his daughter’s crazy mom began to show her selfish nature. The scenes with the troublemakers added to the story’s dramatics and had me fuming a time or two.  However, the theatrics in the storyline weren’t too much to be a distraction in the story. I enjoyed this couple’s journey to loving. And I love children in novels, they always steal my heart. Charlie brought joy and love to the couple and made me smile with each presentation. Each story about this lovely community is a fabulous fable worth the read. 5.0 Stars.

Review – If You Want Me (Harmony Heights Book 3), by Danielle Burton

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