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Found Love in a Rider by Monica Walters

Malachi Henderson isn’t a stranger to hard work or the country. However, trying to get his life on track from his self-destructive past has taken time. Finally embarking upon what he really wants in the rodeo arena while receiving help from the best to do it, he realizes some things in his love life have to change as well. In the midst of those changes, he meets the woman that he feels he’s supposed to do life with. Before even getting to know her, he believes they are meant to be. Convincing Danica of that seems to be a slight task, though. With the help of a loving family, his career is on track, but what will it mean without someone to share it with?

Danica Collier is in love with love. She’s fascinated by everything it encompasses, which is why she’s confused as to why it eludes her. As a Senior in college, she’s preparing to enter her career field and feels a relationship with the right man would complete her. However, when she meets Malachi Henderson, despite the initial attraction to him, she wonders if getting to know him would be worth her time. Wasted energy is something she has no patience to endure anymore and she wants to be sure that a relationship with him is something she can handle. 

Doubt is the enemy when it comes to going for what you want. This proves to be true for Danica and Malachi when moving forward. Can Danica accept all of Malachi and his country quirks? Can Malachi stomach what he has to endure to make Danica his?


On The Rebound (Nymphs & Trojans Book 3) By Alexandra Warren

“I’m not patient with a lot of things. But for you? I’ll wait a lifetime.”

With his entire career ahead of him as the starting point guard for the Tennessee Trojans, Kage Steele is feeling on top of his game. He’s got the talent, he’s getting the attention, and most importantly, he’s raking in more than enough money to have the entire world at his fingertips. But after a Summer spent enjoying the fruits of his labor, basketball isn’t the only thing on his mind coming into his second season since he can’t seem to forget about the gorgeous sports reporter he shared a moment with back in Sin City.

Bleu Taylor is living out her childhood dreams. As the offspring of a radio personality and a professional football player, using her voice to talk sports was practically what she was born to do. But naturally, that also means coming into contact with a lot of athletes, including the slightly younger, sinfully sexy point guard out of Nashville who she’d tried to forget about after breaking her own rule of not fraternizing with active players.

From the moment they locked eyes, Kage knew Bleu was something special. From the moment they kissed, Bleu knew Kage was a problem. But when they both find themselves on separate downward spirals regarding their lives and careers, the ability to rebound from those individual events becomes a lot easier once they finally decide to stop relying on self and instead choose to turn to each other.

Set in “The Athens of the South” Nashville, Tennessee, The “Nymphs & Trojans” series is a sports romance collaboration by Nicole Falls and Alexandra Warren that follows two fictional professional basketball franchises – the Nashville Nymphs Women’s Team and the Tennessee Trojans Men’s Team.

Book 1 – Shots Not Taken
Book 2 – One Last Shot
Book 3 – On The Rebound
Book 4 – Bounce Back

*Note: Each book is considered a standalone novel, but it is recommended that you read them all for the full Nymphs & Trojans experience.


Bounce Back (Nymphs & Trojans Book 4) by Nicole Falls

“This thing between us is unexpected for me…”

With her professional basketball career seemingly in her rearview, Micaiah Kennedy is trying to figure out what the future holds for her. Despite working tirelessly through her adolescence and adult years, she’d never quite accomplished the one thing in life that was the highest on her bucket list – playing for the Women’s National Basketball Association. Dreams of hooping in the W dashed, she instead set her sights on playing professionally abroad, going on to excel and make a name for herself outside of the States. 

Victor Covington is a full-time single father and professional athletic trainer whose only concerns are making sure his baby girl is doing well and that the players within his care remain healthy and active. The looming unknowns of the pandemic however keep both of these precariously hanging in the balance, compounding his stress. 

A serendipitous call from the Nashville Nymphs and an opportunity to check the last item off her bucket list sends Micaiah off to Florida where she reconnects with Victor, a former childhood crush. All grown up and still feeling the draw of attraction from their youth, Micaiah and Victor get reacquainted with one another in the confines of the WNBA bubble. Learning how to navigate in an unprecedented environment while getting closer to one another, Micaiah and Victor embark on a journey and discover that the road to getting what you’ve always wanted isn’t always the easiest.


Make Me Feel It: A Beatsville Novel by Aubree Pynn

Love comes in several forms. The love of money, the love of life, the love of survival, and the love of the game. For Zaim LeRoux and Davina Hudson, they have found love in all of those things. But most importantly, they’ve found a shatterproof love in one another – or so they thought.
For the last six years of their lives, they’ve experienced mountain peaks and valleys and always managed to hold on to one another. Their strength to remain on each other’s team and successfully run one of the industry’s most notorious record labels is about to be tested. As life throws its wrenches, can Zaim and Davina remember to feel the beat that fueled their relationship? Or will the bassline fade into silence?
**if suicide has affected you in any way please proceed with caution.**


Unexpected Second Chances (Luke Brothers Book 2) by K.C. Mills

Ebo Luke is fresh off a devastating divorce and feeling like love is no longer an option, however he quickly learns that sometimes no matter what you want or believe, the universe has a different plan for you.

For most, love is simply a fairytale. Those who truly want and deserve to have their hearts protected always seem to come up short. That has been Simira’s experience and for that reason her focus is on the only person who has ever loved her unconditionally, her son.

Ebo and Simira have given up all hope but that is when things begin to turn in their favor. When you stop looking for and expecting love, it occasionally finds its way to you.


Santerian’s Christmas Wish by Shani Greene-Dowdell

Tangela is a chaotic storm. 
Santerian is the peace in the storm. 

I gave him five of my best years, 
And I’m still his girlfriend with no forecast of getting a ring.
I’ve mastered playing games since he enjoys playing with my heart. 
But all things come to an end.
If I don’t have a ring by Christmas, I’m out.

She’s the one for me.
But she thinks I don’t love her. 
I couldn’t imagine my life without her.
But an ultimatum to propose before Christmas makes me want to run.
I want to take that leap with her, but I have a Christmas wish of my own —Peace on Earth.


Learned Behaviors: A Single Dad Romance (Higher Education Book 1) by Jayce Ellis

Two single dads meet at the office, where it’s hate at first sight in this new series from acclaimed author Jayce Ellis.

Sending his daughter off to college is the proudest day of single dad JaQuan Reynolds’s life. Everything took a back seat to raising her—including his career. He has no idea what comes next, but his newfound freedom is quickly curtailed by a crash deadline at work and the uptight, hovering presence of consultant Matthew Donaldson. He’s surly and insufferably sexy, and Jaq’s ready to check him out and write him off—right up until a work assignment forces them together.

Every day. From now until Thanksgiving.

Work and fatherhood have been Matt’s whole world for years now, ever since his marriage ended. His eldest son is getting hitched over Thanksgiving weekend, and he’s not going to let a work deadline get in the way of celebrating with his family—not this time. The hours aren’t a problem, but the executive assistant on the project might be. Jaq’s sexy voice makes Matt yearn for things he let go of a long time ago.

Lust isn’t on the schedule, and neither is longing. But as the weeks go by, Matt and Jaq are forced to reevaluate their plans…and discover that even the most tight-knit of families can make room for one more.

Higher Education

Book 1: Learned Behaviors

Book 2: Learned Reactions


Unforgettable Man by Tiye Love

Every Queen needs her King…

Prominent and successful attorney Devin Toussaint has notoriously had more than his fair share of women. Healed from his very public and painful divorce and now a better man, Devin has his mind set on the gorgeous Royalty, the only woman who has ever tamed his wandering heart.

Royalty James has it all—a successful career, a brilliant son, and is dating a good man. The only thing missing is an all-consuming passionate love, which she once had with one man. A man who still has the power to set her body and soul aflame with a simple touch. Devin Toussaint, a man who could destroy her once he discovers that her son is also his.
As he slowly melts her defenses and they grow impossibly deeper in love, Royalty wonders if Devin will forgive her and if their flame will continue to burn hot, or smolder into embers once he learns the truth.


GREED (The Love Is Cure, Vol 1. Vices & Virtues Series Book 3) by Brookelyn Mosley

He’s a greedy genteel gentleman, and she’s a charming creative with a charitable heart. She’s forever willing to give the shirt off her back while he’s always thinking of ways to get more than he already has. They met by accident, literally, but after an unlikely agreement influences a series of events, a love they never saw coming blindsides them both.

Bryant Greene

“She was not the plan, nor was how we met. I was grateful she entered my life when she did, even if it was with a bang. At the time, the goal was simple, but the more I got to know Zoe, the more the goal became blurry. Unfortunately for us both, my plans were already in motion when we crossed paths and she was only to be a pawn in it all. In a short time, her position changed, though, and she became the queen I wanted to protect in my game. Zoe changed everything. Every single thing… including me.”

Zoe Stewart

“He was not the plan. Even how we met was random as hell, but I’d be a fool to believe a higher power didn’t have a hand in it all. Our deal should’ve lasted only a day, a couple of hours actually, but you can’t stop what’s in God’s plans. Unfortunately for us both, I thought Bryant was one way, but he only ended up being a fraud. He treated me like a queen, but I was only a pawn in his greedy game. To wish I never met him would be to wish away everything that happened between us. And despite everything, I’m not sure I would change a thing… not even a little.”

Greed is a sin of desire, an inordinate want to have more than one may need. This vice deals with the obsessive pursuit of material possessions driven by the fear of scarcity. Much like pride, greed can be a gateway to other evils if the desire for excess leads to making earthly things one’s God. Can an altruist with a charitable heart shift the desires of the greedy one who has everything except for the one thing they don’t believe they need at all… love?

*This book contains sexually explicit content. GREED is a standalone and book three in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 – Vices & Virtues series. Seven books make up this series. ENVY is next…


Driven by Passion : A Sweetwater Hills Novella by Monae Nicole

Korrine Mills once had the fairytale life, married to the man she loved, until her soulmate was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After a tumultuous journey, laying him to rest was one of the hardest things she had ever done. Still, she had to move on. As a bus driver, she found her joy in seeing the faces of the children she transported every day. Little did she know, a routine bus stop would turn into a chance meeting and give her heart the reawakening it so desperately needed.

Retired football player, Orlando “Lucky” Watson, had always been a family man. An adoring father and providing husband, he was content with his life. However, his wife’s devastating bout with breast cancer left him without the woman he cherished and alone in parenthood. Refusing to succumb to depression, he was committed to doing the best he could as a now single father, looking ahead to brighter days. When he lays eyes on his daughter’s school bus driver, he wonders if heaven has finally shown him mercy. 

Journey with Korrine and Orlando as they trudge through leftover grief to find what’s left of their hearts. Will Korrine be able to fully give herself over to another man? Can Orlando separate his past love from the one staring him in the face? Will love get its second chance or will past hurt cast too many shadows?


You Don’t Know Me: A Coming of Age Young Adult Novel (Growing Pains Book 1) by Danielle Burton

Meet Frankie. Stubborn. Headstrong. Awkward.

Born to a family with an affinity for basketball, everyone expects her to be a rough and tumble tomboy. She isn’t. Nor is she girly. In fact, Frankie isn’t quite sure where she fits in. Most days she feels like she’s blowing in the wind, but she’ll never admit it.

With three annoying older brothers and an over-bearing father watching your every move, life isn’t easy. But Frankie is determined to live by her own rules.

Meet Lauren. Quiet. Ambitious. Loner.

He’s the quiet kid in the corner. The one no one ever pays attention to. For a while, he liked it that way. Having no friends made it easier to keep his secret. But the loner can only be lonely for so long.

Now that high school has begun, Lauren isn’t interested in being alone anymore. Only friends aren’t as easy to come by as he’d hoped. Especially with being the target of a bully.

Due to a misunderstanding the prior year, a festering hatred has grown between Frankie and Lauren. When a second incident forces them into each other’s company, the chemical reaction is explosive. Lauren tries to make good of the situation, but Frankie isn’t having it. 

One school. Two enemies. Four years. What could happen?


Sacrifice: Contemporary Christian Fiction (Virtues & Vices Book 2) by J.L. Campbell

Guilt is a bitter enemy when you sacrifice one precious gift for another.

Dane’s two-year-old daughter is the center of his world, and doubly precious because of her health challenges. When he discovers a son from a previous relationship, his world implodes. No matter what path he takes, everything he holds dear is at stake, and life will never look the way it did before tragedy knocked at his door.

Between family drama and her weight issues, Sophie is struggling to cope. Then, her greatest fear becomes reality when she loses her daughter. Making it from one day to the next seems impossible, her trust in Dane is at an all-time low, and so is her morale. All she has is her faith, an unlikely stopgap, and the hope that everything will fall together rather than apart.

****** Sacrifice is inspirational fiction that features a couple grappling with profound loss that can end a marriage. It brings a message of faith during a time when so many are dealing with unexpected losses of one kind or another.


Fall My Way by Tisha Andrews

Harlequin Hilson lived a life that was no fairytale. Losing both parents in a tragic way early in her life, made her abandon the idea of love. All she has left is her sister and the man that vowed to love her mother before she was murdered by their father. Life is nothing but a lucrative façade, running a rather profitable wedding company, where she hid her tears behind deals, until she has an encounter with Millie – an isolated one that cracks the shell around her heart.

Maddox “Millie” Mills is on top of his game, the owner of two companies, and has a life free of drama. All is well in his world until Egypt, the one who stripped him of the capacity to love, shows up with a secret. A secret that changes the trajectory of his life and pushes him away from Harlequin – the one who made him want to try again with love. But love has proven to lead only to deceit and pain… a pain that pushes them back together… if only they dare to fall again.


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New Release Round-Up November 9th-15th

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