The most important thing in Zara Neale’s life is her family. All her life, she’s been willing to do whatever it takes to keep everyone else happy. Even at her own personal sacrifice.

But when her six-year-old daughter goes missing, her world turns upside down.

Her husband, Ezekiel, is more concerned with his mistress— the glamorous Simone Strauss— than his family and when Zara couples up with a self-assured private investigator she discovers just how little she knows about her husband and those around her.

Embarking on a crushing journey of finding her daughter changes Zara in unimaginable ways, and just when she thinks she can’t take anything else, a biting tragedy spins her world off its axis, forcing her to rise above the mayhem and come alive.

For once in her life, Zara must face the fiery flames of her past transgressions.

If she ever wants to see her daughter again, someone, or rather something must die.


New Release Spotlight – Til’ Death Do Her Part: A Harmony Highlands Suspense Novel, by Candace Harris

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