Their first encounter seemed innocent enough. But fate had other plans. They met on the campus of Jackson State University. She was a freshman. He was an upper-classmen. They fell in love. He broke her heart. Their second encounter could not be so easily dismissed. This time it didn’t feel accidental, it felt fated; as though the universe nodded in their direction. Yet past hurts weren’t easy to forgive. And sometimes, past loves couldn’t be resurrected; or could they.
Persia Moore was the youngest air traffic controller at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta. She lived for the job and was graceful under pressure. But Persia went home alone every night. During the day, Gabriel Fitzpatrick tended to his million-dollar fortune developing high end security systems for individuals and businesses alike. At night, Gabriel serenaded the crowds with songs of love and promise. And after that, Gabriel went home alone.
One night, quite by chance, Persia heard Gabriel sing and nothing would ever be the same again.
This is a second chance romance, standalone, in the Moore to Love series.


New Release Spotlight – Gabriel’s Melody (Moore to Love Series Book 2), by Celeste Granger

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