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Check out these new releases from September 11th-17th.

All For You by BriAnn Danae

Receiving gifts.

I wasn’t ashamed to admit my love language aloud. At least not anymore. It took me a while to come to terms with how it needed to be received, but one bold move changed all of that.

Dealing with a man like Judah McKnight, there was no need to worry about my needs being met. He fulfilled them without being told to do so. It was a rare trait, but I deserved it. I deserved him, and he made sure to let that be known. He was all for me and came equipped with a plethora of thoughtful gifts. Ones that were sure to leave me wanting more.


Call and Response (New Heights Book 3) by Christina C. Jones

You ever accidentally ended up in perfect sync?


Fumble. Pass. Repeat. by T’Lyn

Kyce Jefferson understood change. His life had been a continuous reminder that nothing last for ever. However, his one constant had always been football. Women come and go but the Chicago Bears was his team, his home and his life. Being traded was the last thing he expected or wanted.

Iyoni Nixon lived and breathed for her son. He was her reason. As long as she could provide the life they both deserved everything was right in her world. As a liaison for the Crescent Falls Sharks, Iyoni had everything she needed even if her love life wasn’t going as planned. After a failed relationship with a Shark, Iyoni made the though decision to maintain a hard line between business and dating football players. Being placed in charge of handling an arrogant and unhappy quarterback is not a challenge she was pleased about accepting.

When Kyce is traded and Iyoni is tasked with assisting the disgruntled quarterback’s transition to the Sharks, neither one of them had any idea just how hard it would be to accept that change isn’t always bad. Their explosive connection might be the thing Kyce and Iyoni need to reach the end zone, but they have to learn to work as a team or risk the possibility of fumbling on a perfect play.


Faded to Sade (Grimm Brothers collection Book 4) by Mycah Edwards

What are you to do when those meant to protect and love you do everything but? For Raige Rose the best option was to leave. While away she’s become a mogul and modern-day pioneer for women’s empowerment through her lingerie line Forever Rose. For years she’s kept away from all who threatened her peace, but now she must return to the place where she experienced her darkest days. Can Raige make it in and out without reopening old wounds or will she be forced to face the past head on?

What are you to do when you’re forced to keep a secret that’ll shatter the reality for those you love? For Sade Gold the best option was to pretend he never knew. Prejudged for his cold and introverted personality, Sade is accustomed to others labeling him prematurely. The only issue for Sade is the person whose secret he’s kept is back up to no good. He has the choice to either let the dirty laundry air or keep it buried forever at the expense of his sanity. To make things more complicated for him, Raige is back, forcing him to acknowledge feelings he hasn’t felt in a long time. Can Sade continue to protect those he loves, or will he be suffocated by the shadows in the dark?


Prayed for Him: A Christian Romance by Faith Arceneaux 

They had it all.

At least that’s what Serenity thought of the bride and groom—her clients.

She wanted what they had.

Or at least, that’s what she thought.

She started a prayer journal of the man she wanted God to send her way.

What she doesn’t expect is for the man God sends to be someone she has always loved.

Prayed for Him is a friends to lovers Christian romance.


Steele Waters by M. Monique

Deja Ruben embarks on a new life in Crestview Waters, one she was thrust into, not of her own will. Loss has led her to a place she wouldn’t otherwise step foot in. One fateful morning brings Deja’s new life spinning out of control and into arms of steel.

Phoenix Steele wishes none other than to remain the reclusive lawyer that he is. He wants nothing to do with Crestview Waters and dares anyone place a foot on his land. As the head of his family’s prestigious law firm, Phoenix has the world on his shoulders and doesn’t need anything or anyone to add to it. If work isn’t calling him, nothing is. That is until a hauntingly beautiful woman ends up on his land.

Blaise Steele is the opposite of his older brother. He’s social, outgoing, and flirtatious to the utmost degree. Although chaotic, nothing in his world is out of control. When he meets the emerging butterfly who is Janelle Peyton, he stumbles upon a side of himself he never knew existed.

Janelle has issues that cut deep. Deja is her best friend and the only one who seems to get her. Unlike Deja, Janelle desires a new start of her own will. Moving to Crestview Waters could turn out to be all good for Janelle… or all bad.


These Women – Book Four by Turtleberry

Check-in with the next generation in the Davis family.

Bella left home for New York City with big dreams. Getting into a relationship with the wrong guy changed everything for her. Junior comes to save the day. That brings these two best friends back together again. Could something more be brewing when Bella has to remind herself that they are not related to one another?

Cody is used to attracting attention. She decides maybe she needs a break from dating. Then she meets Marshawn. One whirlwind weekend later, her life is completely changed.

Raevyn didn’t expect to get involved with Dominic. He had been dating her roommate. They spend one night together before winter break. While he is away the next semester on an internship, she keeps her pregnancy a secret. Seeing him at graduation with her roommate causes Raevyn to decide to just go home and not say anything to him. Then she bumps into him two years later while in Cancun. Sparks fly for a second time. This leads to a second pregnancy. She can’t keep this one from him too.

CONTENT WARNING: Domestic Violence, Miscarriage


Back Home: An instalove urban romance by Keta Denise

*Instalove Story*

Onyx Zaman has been the hottest R&B singer in the industry for the past decade. Money, Fame, Women, he has it all. While others strived for the life he lived… Onyx hated it. 

When he meets Troian Munroe, he realizes she’s exactly what he’s been searching for. Unfortunately, there are forces in Onyx’s life making it difficult to leave the industry and return to the normal life he loves. 

Onyx’s world is turned upside down as he struggles to find his way Back Home.


The Single Dad Next Door: An Opposites Attract Age Gap Romance by Azani Leshay

I expected her to mesmerize my twins, not captivate me. 

She’s clearly off-limits. She works for me and she’s much younger.

Nobody thinks we’re right for each other, especially my mother, who keeps reminding me.

Her parents don’t agree either but she doesn’t want them to know..

But when she agreed to help our little family, I was relieved, we were desperate.

Now she’s in our space daily, making life easier, taking weight off me.

And I’m beginning to realize that I need her in more than one way.

She’s everywhere restoring the balance that we lost and helping me move past my life being flipped upside down.

We’ve created a little bubble and inside, we can both be ourselves.

It’s been years since I’ve felt this alive. I look forward to our time together though I know I shouldn’t.

But they don’t know how she calls to me, how she sets my blood on fire, how I ache to hold her and find peace.

The kicker? She feels the same way.We’ve built something special. Now I just have to convince her that we can hold on to it.


Prison Bae by Denise Essex

Folasade “Sade” is a voluptuous, free-spirited ultrasound student who is ready to break away from the safe, predictable world her parents carved out for her. She is determined to do things on her terms. Sade has a time-consuming major, but nothing will stand in the way of the audacious life she knows she deserves.

Booker Avery Edmund III, better known as Trey, is an extraordinary young man who is about to be released from prison for a murder he committed. He doesn’t have a single regret for what he did, but he abhors the way he’s perceived and treated for what he knows was the right thing to do.

What happens when Sade must perform an intimate exam on a devilishly enticing inmate? She knows he’s taken a life, but when she’s with him all she experiences is a kind soul who makes her feel safe. Will Sade see Trey after his release? Or will the details of his crime drive a wedge between them before they can enter into the consensual affair they both crave?


The Riches That Matter by Kendra Necole

Ups. Downs. In and outs. 

Then. Now. Forever. 

Donovan has been through it all with the love of his life. But no one said forever would be easy, and he’s it in for the long haul. 

A forever kind of love is something that stands the test of time. And this love is it. 


A Spicy Predicament (Eugeena Patterson Mysteries Book 6) by Tyora Moody

Eugeena Patterson-Jones and her husband, Amos Jones, finally head out for their long-awaited honeymoon in Music City. As part of a surprise, Eugeena is treated to a concert starring one of her favorite singers. Cinnamon Waters, also a childhood friend, invites Eugeena and Amos backstage. Behind the glitz and music, tension brews and Eugeena finds out someone wants to harm Cinnamon.

When one mishap after the other keeps happening, the couple’s romantic getaway takes a backseat to trying to save her friend’s life.


When Two Bosses Collide by Lesanda Moore

What if the one person you could truly connect with operates on the opposite side of the law?

Would you risk it all to cultivate the connection?

Lena Hill owns her own boutique and has a side hustle that generates a decent profit. When a family emergency causes her to take a last-minute trip to Miami, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime. While in town, she meets a man who challenges her ‘business before pleasure’ motto.

Romero Toussaint has dedicated almost two decades of his life to the agency, taking down criminals and keeping the city of Miami safe. When his superior forces him to vacation before closing a big case, he meets the beautiful, independent Lena. When things start to unfold between them, his morals are tested like never before.

Blinded by their emotions, Lena and Romero find themselves tangled up in a web of secrets. Secrets that may cause them both to lose their livelihood, maybe even their lives.

Find out what happens when two bosses collide in this bad girl/good cop romance.


The Change she Needs: A Christian Romance Novel (Faithful Needs Book 4) by LaToya Battle

Some Generational Curses are Meant to be Broken…

When Keisha married Luther Williams, she thought she’d entered Holy matrimony with the man of her dreams. Flash forward a few years, and Keisha has discovered that her fairytale of a marriage is nothing but a hoax—it’s really a living nightmare. Luther is controlling and manipulative, and when he doesn’t get his way, he puts his hands on Keisha. Keisha’s upbringing is causing her to shy away from seeing divorce as an option. But when an old friend of Keisha’s moves back to town, she begins to reconsider how she views her marriage. In the end, will Keisha have the strength to fight for the happy-ever-after that she’s always wanted? Will she secure the change that she needs?


The Misadventures of Honey & Nikko: The Girl Below 2. by Desiree

The story picks up where Mia Jones has discovered that another girl, Althea has the same annoying issue of the girls talking below. Between a broken heart from her stupid neighbor Teddy, to the drama and wild nights that Honey and now, introducing Nikko go on, follow these two talking voices hidden in between, and beneath the sheets as they take on Atlanta and the drama they get themselves into. All of this leading up to one hell of a romance novel filled with humor, frustration, and smiles.


Madame by Nyjaè

How freaky is too freaky? Is that even a thing?

Cashmere Barre was set to start graduate school at her dream college Hunter CUNY. That made the Big Apple her next stop. Her best friend Nova Hunter resided in NY already. Unbeknownst to Cashmere, Nova was embedded in an underworld that would reveal how naive and oblivious she really was.

Nova worked at Le Château Domaine Résistance. It was the sex dungeon that brought out all the freaks. Pay big and you could encounter the fantasies of a lifetime behind those doors. Le Château was created to dabble with one’s vices and sexual freedom. Eventually, Cashmere became inquisitive and wanted to know what occurred inside the dungeon. Through Nova, Cash gained access. Quickly, her au natural allure caught the eye of the owner, Alicia. Shortly after her induction, Alicia ran into unforeseen chaos and technical difficulties. She had no choice but to step away as Madame. Her dirty deeds bent the block on her.

Given an ultimatum to step away, Alicia had to choose a new Madame. If not, she’d have to close Le Château and everything else she worked hard to build. Alicia made a knee-jerk decision in distress to pass the mantle of Madame to Cashmere. Surprisingly, Cashmere would go down a rabbit hole of vixens, seduction, plot twists, and family drama that would last her a lifetime. Balance was one thing. When you add sex, lust, and BDSM to the equation, it can get tricky and a bit sticky. Can the new Madame maintain her good girl image, or will she get lost in the salaciously daunting sauce?


Going Down Smooth: An Omegaverse Novel Part Two (Smooth Pack Duet Book 2) by Dreia Wells

Pack Smooth has a nice ring to it.

Alpha and Omega, I can be both. With my father’s company now in my care, the world is about to witness the Omega Revolution. If I must be the first to prove all the naysayers wrong, then I will do it with my head held high and in style.

Someone wants to silence me, destroy everything my father built, his legacy, my dream. Everything came crashing down around me the day Smooth Bourbon burned, and I almost died right along with it.

The deadline to mate with my pack looms. Someone will stop at nothing to stand in my way to achieve my goal. Apart from my pack I don’t know who I can trust. I am swimming in shark infested waters with unknown enemies all around me.
I am determined to fight for the life I want. I will not go quietly. With my four Alphas beside me I will have my happily ever after, no matter what.

They may call me Omega, but I am an Alpha at heart.

Going Down Smooth is a Why Choose Omegaverse Novel. This book contains adult content and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. This is part two and the final book in this duet.


Indian Red with Wildman Gideon (Love & Life in the Big Easy Book 2) by R. Anderson

My soul called to him as my limbs slacked against the seat of my car. With all the fight left in me gone, I yearned for the last person I wanted to see in such disarray. 

I barely knew him, but being in his presence, I felt cosmically sound. At the moment, he was who I yearned to run to. With haste, my trembling fingers dialed his phone.


Like putty, my heart melted at her touch. She felt like the sacred space my soul craved. Not just her physical touch but her energy. Her presence felt like home, and I longed to live in it.


Help For Christmas: A Curvy Girl Holiday: Curvy Girl Holiday Book 5 (Curvy Girls Holiday Series) by Danyelle Scroggins

He’s been asking about me around town. Why not ask me?

She knows I’m checking for her, but yet she acts as though she doesn’t notice me. 

Angie Lewis

When Samson James starts snooping around, my reflex is to retreat.

Seems like my past has been patiently waiting to rewrite my future.

Yet, I’m not as open to love as I once was.

Samson James

She embodies elegance and grace, a sight that leaves me breathless.

Yet she’s running from love, hiding behind doing what some folks thinks only a man can do.

Amidst the holiday music and magic, in a moment that defies expectations, I lay my cards on the line.

Whether she wants me or not, I’m proving that the gift of love is the greatest treasure and I was created to be her Help for Christmas…and she’s my help for life.


Seeing Red (The Wolff Brothers Book 1) by Dara Girard

A survivor of a painful childhood, Damian Wolff prided himself on anticipating anything.
However, he never imagined finding himself on the wrong end of a shotgun, held by a woman in a red hooded jacket.
She wanted answers.
He wanted them too.
Soon the cabin in the woods became witness to their uneasy alliance to find her missing grandmother.
But that search would take Damian far out of the woods and on a journey into a past he wanted to forget.
With the one woman who may hold the key to his guarded heart.


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New Release Round-Up September 11th-17th

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