Can I have power and love, or will one ruin the other?

During the day I am a Senator.

A man of power and expectations set for me.

But at night, there is one place I can unwind and just be me.

Raya was supposed to be a distraction from the politics and the pressures of my life.

Instead, she becomes an addiction. A force so seductive and sweet, I fall for her instantly.

I want to promise her a lifetime of love, but dating outside the boundaries threatens to destroy our love.

Will this forbidden romance endure, or will my career leave me hurt and alone?

Indulge in seduction in this new series from KeKe Renée. During the day these billionaires are powerful tycoons that run the city, but at night, they come to Billionaire Boy’s Club play.


New Release Spotlight – Promise Me: Age Gap Forbidden Billionaire Romance, by KeKe Renée

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