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His and Hers: down if you are by Brittanie Smith

He was the roommate she wasn’t looking for.

After months of heartache, indie writer Shaunie Barnes makes it her business to live the rest of her life undoubtedly free and purposely happy. When ex boyfriend Renni Hunts surprises her with an appearance and a proposal, Shaunie doesn’t let her “yes” bind her to his empty promises.

Headstrong and determined to do the thing she said she would, Shaunie picks up the pieces and packs them in hopes to find a roommate near the banks of Fallon Beach.
Fortunately for Stacee Reynolds, who’s late on the rent and low on funds, a roommate finder accidentally pairs Shaunie with him.

She’s reluctant, but will she leave?

This novelette unravels the lives of Shaunie Barnes and Stacee Reynolds as they’re challenged with complex relationships, situationships and their unconventional living arrangement.



Blindsided by Love by Monica Walters

If confidence was a women’s size twenty, then its name would have to be Aspen St. Andrews. The thirty-one-year-old freelance journalist is living life on her own terms, except in one area. Love. She feels somewhat stuck in an engagement to a man that she once loved, until things began to change once they decided to cohabitate. They argue about her career as if it’s a hobby and Aspen is sick of it. As their engagement is on the verge of being dissolved, she decides to take a trip to the little town of Nome, Texas to interview farmers about their livestock that are mysteriously dying. What she doesn’t expect, is to meet a man that threatens to change everything she found attractive in a man. Aspen couldn’t have these sorts of desires for a stranger who was tactless and rude. No matter how pitiful her relationship was, she was still engaged to be married.

Seven Storm Henderson is a man that knows what he wants. Until he finds it, or he stumbles upon it, he chooses to live life to the fullest. Being the youngest of seven children, he’s used to getting his way. He owns a full-service center and mechanic shop and his family pretty much owns the entire town. But what he loves is taking care of the animals in their pastures, especially the cattle. Women are willing to throw themselves at his feet, but he only wants one thing from them. Even with him being rude and nasty to most of them, they still continue to chase the Storm. One day, what he feels is his destiny, drops in his lap, but he soon realizes that she isn’t like most chicks he dealt with. She was all woman.

Storm and Aspen have a rocky start, because Storm can’t seem to speak intelligently enough to woo Aspen. He realizes that she may be too good for him, but that doesn’t stop his pursuit. Will Storm make the necessary changes to have Aspen all to himself or will Aspen make the necessary changes in her life to actually give Storm a chance?



Love On The Run (Love in Action Book 2) by Roy Glenn

FBI agent, Nicole Maddox and design engineer, Jamal Hayes couldn’t have picked a worse time to fall in love. When Jamal writes a program to decrypt a message that he received accidently, they uncover an American terrorist organization’s plans, which leads to orders being dispatched for their immediate termination. Narrowly escaping the attempts on their lives, the pair find themselves accused of espionage and conspiracy against the United States. Nicole and Jamal must stay alive long enough to prove their innocence and stop the terrorists’ plans. They also must survive to see if what’s been simmering between them while they are on the run is something real when the dust clears.
Love In Action: Book 2



Let Me Be Your Motivation by Tay Mo’Nae

How do you deal with another woman coming to YOUR wedding and confessing she’s already married to your fiancé and carrying his child?

That was Jordyn’s reality after her world was turned upside down, she’s encouraged by her best friend to still go to Cabo for a week stay to get over her heartbreak. What Jordyn wasn’t expecting was running into her high school crush.

Newly single, NFL running back Amir Hamilton is the man most women would dream to have. When he takes a vacation to Cabo to let loose before the upcoming season, he didn’t expect to meet the shy beauty in a drunken state.

What was supposed to be one night of pleasure for both quickly turns deeper and the two of them quickly learn it’s not easy to forget about the other. In this standalone join Amir and Jordyn and learn if the bond they form in Cabo is strong enough to ignore their ex’s from their past.



Feel My Love by Ivy Laika

Hardworking. There’s no better word to describe Afrika Phillips. When the opportunity arises for a position in the finance department at a black-owned tech company, she feels as though she is a shoe-in.

There’s only one problem—Warren.

The two of them meet in the most unconventional way.

Warren Johnson is stubborn and guarded. His only focus is his career. Against his will, his encounter with Afrika forces him to question his beliefs. The biggest one: there’s not a place in his life for love.

As fate would have it, Afrika and Warren take each other through a journey that teaches them that no one is perfect and that growth is constant.

At the end, the question still remains, will the two let love in?



Deception: Orphan Series Book Three by Dandridge Monroe

What happens when the fairytale isn’t all you thought it would be?

All that glitters ain’t gold.

Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy back. Life should be perfect, right? Even when you get your fairytale, trouble can come at you from all angles to throw off your happily ever after. Ev, Billy, and Kat have all faced trials and tribulations that would have broken weaker women. Now, each woman is working through her own issues and learning to live within her new normal.
Being constantly thrust into the spotlight means having to watch out for those praying for your downfall. With secrets being
kept on all sides, in the end, love may not be enough to restore trust
once it’s broken.



Never But Forever 2 by Sidni B.

After the bomb Kayson drops on him, Quentin is at a loss and has no idea where to pick up the pieces. With Kaelyn out of commission, it seems as if he has to wait for the answers that he so desperately wants. His life changes within the blink of an eye, landing him with the type of responsibility he never thought possible.
Will he rise up to the challenge, or once again leave Kaelyn high and dry to figure things out on her own?
Now that her secret is out, Kaelyn is left to deal with the aftermath of the situation she created with Kayson and Quentin. The time for the games has expired and she has to face the consequences of the decision she made years ago. The never-ending game of back and forth between the two men has come to an end and Kael finally has to make a decision.
Can she get it together, or have her selfish ways finally caught up to her and resulted in her losing everything that she holds dear?



Not Mine to Keep by Shawn Taye

Having hit a rocky point in his marriage, Darnell decided to seek comfort in someone other than his wife. In turn, his decision to have one night of pleasure has caused an avalanche of events not only for himself but for everyone involved. Just when he chose to end it, he finds out that he has gotten more than he bargained for. Now he has to put the pieces of his marriage back together, but will it be too late?


Long as I Got You 2 by Alexis Latrice

Jada gets the surprise of her life when her father comes to her hospital room after giving birth to the twins. She has no clue how powerful her father’s bloodline is due to her mother refusing to tell her. She’s royalty and will soon be Queen of the Alvarez mob. With juggling being a new mom and the mob life, will she have enough time for Zayvion.
Zayvion’s used to giving out orders and telling people what to do. What happens when he now works for his wife and can no longer make her jump when he says it. Will being La Reina cause Jada to smell herself or will Zayvion be able to take demands from his wife.
With welcoming a new baby boy, sister and mother to the picture, Monica can finally say her life is complete or is it? Jayvion now has a crazy and bitter baby mama, who she can’t seem to put her hands on. Monica feels like she’s competing with Tiny because of Jayvion’s new actions toward her. Monica begins to question her looks and starts feeling insecure, Jayvion swears to Monica it’s only about Journey. What happens when Monica shows up to Tiny’s house and finds exactly what she’s looking for? Does she stay and fight for her family or do she get on her shit?
Nevaeh and Nas are doing great in their relationship until Nevaeh loses the baby. When the dates doesn’t match up, Nas realizes Nevaeh was having unprotected sex with Gunplay. From that moment, Nas loses trust in Nevaeh and secretly starts back talking to an ex… the same ex Nevaeh saw him with. When Nevaeh sees his car parked at the house, she decided it’s only right if she plays the game also. She shows up at Gunplay’s house and he welcomes her with open arms.
After disappearing for a couple of days, Nevaeh finally returns home and Nas finds Gunplay’s number in Nevaeh’s phone. Nas begins to question her, but when he doesn’t hear what he wants, he goes on the hunt to finally kill Gunplay but he leaves his phone. What Nevaeh finds in his phone makes her go straight to Porsha’s house. When she shows up at Porsha’s house, she’s welcomed with the last thing she’ll every think.



A Gingerbread Romance by Lacey Baker

As an architect, she designs beautiful buildings…
But will her heart ever find a place to call home?

Taylor’s architectural firm enters her in a contest to build life-sized gingerbread houses. After the contest, she’s likely to get a promotion to a position in another city. But it’s a team competition, and Taylor’s temperamental partner soon backs out. Taylor needs a replacement—fast.

When she meets Adam, a baker and single dad, she convinces him to be her partner in the contest. After all, winning would give his bakery much-needed exposure.

For years, Taylor has avoided thinking of anywhere as “home.” When she was a kid, her family was always on the move. But the time she spends with Adam and his daughter Brooke, decorating for Christmas and enjoying Philadelphia’s holiday traditions, has her questioning everything. Could she have found a place to call her own?

This book includes an original recipe for Best-Ever Gingerbread.



Rule With Me by Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson

The unthinkable has happened. Tony and LeAndra are going to need each other and everything they’ve got if they’re going to overcome the last thing that stands between them: LeAndra’s family.

LeAndra’s family hasn’t made it a secret that Tony wasn’t…their first choice for LeAndra but she never expected them to do what they’d done in order to keep the two apart.

Suddenly she’s alone and it’s up to her to get her husband back and build their business.

Is she strong enough to be the woman Tony thinks she is? Is she bold enough, smart enough, to break free from her family and who they think she should be and rule at Tony’s side?

Find out in the final book in the Tony and LeAndra series!



Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love 4 by Aubreé Pynn

My job is to make you comfortable enough to be yourself…

Taj’s sense of security and stability that Indigo has provided is threatening to be snatched away from her. While she’s left in limbo about Indie’s past sins, Indie is trying to tie up all loose ends. There is nothing he wants more than to live life with Taj in peace.

While Indie is trying to protect Taj’s peace, she’s trying to heal every part of her heart that has been damaged in the last four years.

Will Taj and Indie get everything that their hearts desire, or will the damage of all the sins committed be the end of the haze they found themselves in?

Find out in the series finale of Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love.



No “I Do” in my Future (Holiday Romance Book 3) by J. Bliss

Nia Stern is on a mission to get a promotion at her successful career in Spain.

A business encounter with Rashad Love crosses her path, altering her focus to return home to repair her relationship of eight years.

One meeting, one day, one kiss opens a first time with Rashad. But she is struggling to keep her heart aligned with her long-lived relationship, while he is determined to maintain professionalism.

Days count down before she goes home to Los Angeles and Nia, is compelled to admit she may a have misjudged her relationship of nearly a decade. Can she determine, if she is holding on to something not meant to be? Or will she realize there is no such thing as ‘I Do’ in her future?

A love hate debut of the holiday romance series filled with first kisses and second chances.



Baby, You Are My Fantasy by Tasie

Sometimes love comes at an unexpected time. Do you open your heart? Or Do you runaway?

Every story has two sides.One will leave you heartbroken, while the other will have you dreaming.

Sex, love and lies. For most of us the bonds that tie us together are the same bonds that we need to depart from. Explore the journey and experience the love that knows no pride.

Baby, you are my fantasy but, should I give you my life?



Love and The Lawless: Volume One Anthology

Introducing the antiheroes of the Love Africa Press collections:
Dauntless and indomitable, brutal and lethal, these dark heroes take no prisoners in their quests for retribution. And when love shines a light into their lives, they will protect their beloveds no matter the costs.

Featured Stories

Rono is a vigilante mafia prince with a dangerous plan to avenge his father’s death.
Suto is a genius medical doctor not afraid to get her hands dirty to pay off her father’s debt.
A marriage of convenience between these two could solve their problems. But what happens when love complicates matters and betrayal rears its ugly head?

Innocent Odion has never fully understood the meaning of the word ‘’Upside-Down’’ until her simple life takes a dark tumble into the gangster underworld.
Now her innocence is wielded as a dangerous weapon in a world of masterful cunning.
In a dangerous race against time, the hunted becomes the hunter. She must fight for her family and for love.

TEMENOS by Obinna Obioma
A bloodthirsty assassin on the loose, a website that cannot be hacked, and double locks on every door.
DSS Agent Lisa’s primary objective is to find the vigilante behind the ritualistic murders. But her quest to unmask the evasive enemy might cost her everything including the love of her life.

HONOUR by Kiru Taye
A selfless act costs Kane everything and earns him a prison sentence. A power show gains him freedom and entry into the Yadili underworld. Family, loyalty and honour are all within his grasp.
Including Sahara, the daughter of his boss, who reminds him of the love he lost and she’s totally off limits. A forbidden desire could cost him everything again, including his life.


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New Release Round-Up September 16th-22nd

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