The second book in this exciting new series was a perfect addition to the author’s collection. In this edition of the Harmony Heights saga, the author dealt with the main character with a prosthesis and a childhood many would find cringe worthy. The facet of the story about mental health issues in the Black community was front-page news in this story. Ivy Fleming was a young woman learning to deal with the prospects of adulthood and all that came with that side of her life when she met Trevor Knight. Trevor had not had it so comfortable in his familial situation either, so having the two come together as a couple didn’t seem like a bad idea.

As time passed and, the story unraveled their past experiences, life had a different face for both Ivy and Trevor. Trevor’s past life with other women was a long list of heartbreaks and misery in his wake. Ivy was a sweet innocent young lady who’d find herself caught in the web of Trevor’s desires. The womanizer finally entranced by little sweet and innocent Ivy. The backstory with Ivy’s mother and her parents was gut-wrenching at times. The good part, all the lies, and secrets did not break Ivy’s resolve.. Overall, the story held my attention and kept me turning pages with great anticipation. An amazing read. 4.5 Stars.

Review – If You Trust Me (Harmony Heights Book 2), by Danielle Burton

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