I’ve said this a few times in the past few days, I was hooked from the first few pages. And I loved the way the hero looked at the heroine. When they first met, he promised they would share one night, but that was a lie. After that one night, it turned into two, which turned into the pair wanting more. Khandrel’s love for Baylor was an epic romance book type of goodness.
A villain is always lurking around the corner, this one named Paris. She made her way into the story, and her venomous presence added drama to the story. As the story progressed, a more profound connection between Khandrel and Baylor than expected after a short period of knowing one another. The story was well-written and the story a delightful piece of work. Bravo Ms. Maria 5.0 Stars.

Review – When the Night’s Over, by Chelsea Maria

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