The premise of the short story was too funny. Summer’s man was a serial cheater, and he’d finally made his way to quitting time for Summer. I’m getting ready to hop on my soapbox for a few minutes. So, get prepared for my high-handed diatribe. Anytime I read about a cheating man; I’m primed to lay hands on him. And later I want to shake the poo out of the woman for continuing to put up with idiocy when she doesn’t have to deal with his nonsense. In Summer’s case, her foolish man was too careless and ended up getting caught with his hands full of someone other than Summer. Did I mention he was a deadbeat needing to get a life, a better job, and stop mooching his girl? Eric only treated Summer well for two years, and then his warranty ran out.

The funny parts in the story always had twin terrors Alyx and Ally involved. The girls cracked me up with their kooky conversations. The friends always supported one another and made sure Summer was made aware of her man’s stupidity, along with any ratchet events and details they could muster. After the big break-up, Summer and her girls headed to a vacation spot to celebrate her upcoming birthday. While imbibing on much alcohol induced fun, the ladies met their raunchy male equivalents. The girl group trio met Levi, the NBA player, and all-around playboy; we also met his entourage which included some equally as trifling partners in lust named Aaron and Roy. Although Levi was a Great Dane, he treated the women he interacted with respectful consideration. He didn’t give them the chance to get attached. Summer was of the same accord once she unhitched her wagon to Ignorant Eric.

Once Summer and her girls decided to take time to unwind and get her groove back, the next events were childishly hilarious for adult participation and ravenous consumption. She and Levi happened to be in the same place and made a connection that unbelievably lasted longer than I expected. Mr. Love Them and Leave Them was suddenly smitten with Summer’s appearance and appeal. I laughed many times at the way the guys spoke about Summer’s new haircut. The ending was somewhat abrupt, the dialogue is written interestingly, and a few editing issues lowered the rating a smidge, but overall, the story is still worth the read. 3.8 Stars

Review – Taste of Summer (Senses of Summer Novelette Bk1), by Chanelle

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