The mind is her whole world but not even the whole world can keep him from loving her…Her, from that moment at the party when he first saw her she had him intrigued. He knew that she needed saving and he wanted to be her Superman in every sense of the word. Him, the way he cradled and soothed her has her feeling things that she has never felt before. She knows that he wants to save her, and she knows that she might need saving but the question is, can he save her from herself?

Chosyn Alexander is a young college graduate with dreams to become a psychologist, but there’s only one thing that holds Chosyn back from living life how a pretty twenty two year old is supposed to. Chosyn suffers from mental illness and instead of experiencing things that most young adults are supposed to she struggles with her own demons that have held her hostage in her own mind for years.

Rosie Washington is Chosyn’s best friend and the one person that gets Chosyn without really knowing what she has fully been through. Aside from being a constant shoulder to lean on for Chosyn, Rosie is also a college graduate who one day wants to be a sociologist. One night at a party for Rosie changes her life in a way that rocked her world to the core.

Aspen Carter, not a man of many words, but of action. Fresh out of graduate school and on the road to opening a new business, Aspen, is taking his legal and illegal ventures to the next level. Selling and trading guns were cool but having a sister and son to care for, Aspen, knows that legal money is the only good thing that can be made by a successful black man. One night at a party introduces people into his life that he had no clue would soon become a permanent and important fixture in his life.

Jordan Wesley, the best friend of Aspen and also soon to be business partner. Even while starting up a new business Jordan still finds time to take on clients for his business that he has on the side. His girlfriend and the love of his life, Karleigh, has no clue about his side business or who her boyfriend really is. A night at a party forces Jordan to entertain a person that he has no clue that will become the single most important person in his life.

Can Chosyn get passed her own demons and mental issues to let Aspen in to love and care for her the way she needs to be? Is Aspen really up for the challenge of loving and caring for Chosyn when she doesn’t even fully love herself? Can he love her enough for the both of them? Follow these four on their roller coaster love story to find out if their love is even worth fighting or living for.


New Release Spotlight – Chosyn For Love, by Bre’youn

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