Reading is often about escaping into another world and slipping into the shoes of the leading characters. Atypical was a magical retreat. Many readers love friends to lovers’ stories because of the way the stories bring moments of hopefulness and maybe the chance for a few hot and steamy love scenes. In this story, Jason Tate was determined to get his best friend of many years to accept his heart. Jason and McKenna were locked in a secret sexual romance for several months unbeknownst to their family and friends. McKenna was fresh from a breakup with her cheating ex named Derrick when she and Jason found the time to explore their friendship. Although the two already spent an abundance of time together much to the dismay of their former relationship mates. Many found it hard to believe; the friends never ventured into the friends with great benefits realm until her breakup with Dirty D!(K Derrick. By the time readers get to page 315 (on Kindle), the title of the story is precise and makes perfect sense. Because at that point in the story the couple’s relationship is supremely atypical.

Kenna was a substitute teacher at local high schools in their hometown. Jason’s occupation primarily left to reader’s imagination for a good portion of the story made for a profound plot twist. For sure we knew, Jason was an educated man with a measure of wealth. During the early stages of the relationship, a pivotal moment for this reviewer occurred when Kenna was at a restaurant with another person and Jason was not having it. He made sure Kenna knew he’d claimed her with no uncertain terms to ponder. The scene was so powerful that this reviewer read that scene a few times to make sure this man said what he said. The tale had many high points with a perfect pitch and symmetric flow. Like a musical arrangement, the words were melodic. The love scenes were emotional, harmonious, and highly sensual. Book two was a magnificent read. 5 Fantastic Stars!

Review – Atypical (Drenched in Love 2), by Shanicexlola

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