The love is real—and it’s not going anywhere…

Days away from her wedding, Amelle is happier than she’s ever been—until everyone around her starts wreaking havoc on what should be the best days of her life. From her wedding planner screwing up a simple task and her mother requesting the unthinkable, Amelle is struggling to keep it together. The only person she can count on to give her peace is the man she loves, Noah. He’s charming, sexy and a man of his word. But Amelle isn’t the only one that has love for him. The closer they get to their wedding day, the more the truth starts to unfold.

See what happens when emotions run high, causing a rift between family, friends, and lovers. Not everyone will be willing to take the high road. But someone will have to back down and clear the way for what’s truly meant to be.

New Release Spotlight – Infinite Love, by A.C. Taylor

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