Isabella Andrews has lived a life specifically based on having structure. Her job gives her pleasure without disappointment—unlike men and romantic relationships, some wanted you for you, but others just wanted you for what you can do for them. Knowing Jax Stevens as a close friend to her brother in law and the fact that he works in the same building as she does. Isabella wasn’t expecting her sister to play matchmaker.

Jax Stevens has been harboring feelings that he’s made known to Isabella for quite some time. The back and forth flirting was a normal routine he enjoyed. His spontaneous, live for the moment attitude was slowly breaking down her walls, or so he thought. He agreed to go on a trip with friends hoping to navigate a new path in his relationship with an old friend he’s had a crush on.
As Isabella and Jax embark on a little R&R trip, they never expected her birthday(and night!) to turn into more than they bargained for. Will these two co-workers find more than lust on a couples trip?


New Release Spotlight – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: Isabella Andrew Book 2, by KeKe Renee

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