Kross Karmer is wedged between faith and fear.

After surviving a traumatic event that headlined her city’s newspaper, the multi-talented beauty is unable to withstand large crowds and paralyzed by the thought of history repeating itself. Shielding her mental and tucking away the will to rejoin the world, Kross becomes accustomed to her hermit lifestyle. However, with family, friends and a new delivery man vying for her affection, the eclectic music columnist has begun to wonder, is her lonely more peaceful than love?

Hollis Brown is seemingly satisfied with lust occupying the space for intimacy.

Years of twisted betrayal and deceitful partners have emptied the businessman’s patience and faith in women. Outside of his daughter and Brown Brothas, nothing else matters. And yet, a lucrative wager amongst friends shifts the stern boss’s focal and reintroduces second chances to a man who doesn’t usually believe in re-dos.

Both canvassing between intuition and insecurities, will Kross and Hollis be able to find solace in the space between?


New Release Spotlight – Where You Are, by Tucora Monique

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