Meet Raelynn “Gee” Smith, join her as she goes through a severe heartbreak, Juggles building her business, and balances maintaining her long-time friendship with her two best friends, Dru and Layla. Gee secretly endures a lot before things begin to look up for her. When Jaxon comes along she is nowhere near ready to deal with another man. Jaxon, being a true gentleman has no problem waiting for her and helping her get ready because whether she knows it or not, she is deemed his. There’s no denying it.

Dru a true fashionista finally gets to live out her dream, opening her boutique and settling down with her childhood sweetheart. Things seem to be going perfect and if anyone deserves it, its Dru. After years of back and forth, Reighm has finally grown up and stepped up to the plate. He’s determined to prove Dru & her friends wrong, he knows he can be the man we all hope he could be in the past.

Layla, the youngest friend and the only one in the group who is married. She runs her marketing business and takes care of their daughter full-time. Marriage for her has been rocky lately. Lorenzo, her husband, is oblivious to the lack of attention he is giving to his family and doesn’t even notice Layla slipping right from his grasp.

Can the three friends with-stand all that life has to offer? When distress plummets into their lives, will they fight to keep things spicy or will they give in to temptation and walk away from something that could be the best thing, the most timeless thing. LOVE.


New Release Spotlight – When Love Hits (The Life Cycle Series Book 1), by Che Moon

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