The three-book series had a lot of action, adventure, and mayhem with the story featuring a highly emotional relationship story with a compelling and enjoyable drama-filled tale. In the first book, readers met the couple who would dominate the story in every way possible. Book one was End Game, which was where the central characters were introduced to readers. Michael Carson was a professional football player who’d been traded to a new team. The league requested that new players see a therapist for help acclimating into their new organization. Zoe Broussard was the therapist assigned to Carson, and during their first session, it was apparent the two had a chemical reaction to one another. As the first story ended the couple was in the process of determining if they could be together without both losing too much in the process.

In the second book- Game Time, the story picked up and carried on with the changes in Michael and Zoe’s relationship. The couple was having a difficult time dealing with the tough times associated with their previous relationships, his football career, and his popularity caused hella problems for Zoe and Michael. The sports theme was once again front and center and an intricate part of this story. The author told a perfect tale with many turns in events leading readers into the third book and the finale.

In the third installment Game Changer, Zoe and Michael were a couple still dealing with struggles and light turmoil. In the story, Zoe had made a decision about her long term career vs. her relationship with Michael. Additionally, Michael and Zoe were in a different place in their bond. Because of his charming ways, Michael was used to having women fall at his feet and bowing down to his will. Much to his dismay, Zoe was not easy, nor a pushover. Zoe did, however, bend a little at his desires. By this time in their relationship love was magnified two-fold with each encounter. Overall, the story had many moments of angst, strife and tender moments of passion. The premise for this story was about an NFL quarterback falling in love with his counselor while she fought against their molten desires. Michael was at his core a man deeply in love for real for the first time. Zoe was destined to be the one to tame his heart. The book was well-written with excellent characters and a developed storyline. The series earned 5 stars!

Review – Endgame Trilogy, Tiye Love

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