Her vacation timeshare has a “tiny” problem. There’s a grumpy naked man in her bed.
Janae Williams has taken a sabbatical to finish her first stand-alone research book. All she needs is a couple of months alone, to get her book and life together. She figured a remote cabin in the upper peninsula of Michigan would be just the ticket. So when a colleague offers the use of his timeshare Janae eagerly accepts. There’s just one problem, the grumpy and naked man in her bed who refuses to leave! Damond is bad-tempered, stubborn and rude. It’s a guarantee he’s going to ruin her concentration to work. Even worse he seems to be scrambling her brain with lust!
Damond Hall is a writer of thriller novels, who’s also in a major writing slump. If he doesn’t deliver to his ravenous fans, it may tank his career, not to mention his bank account. Which is why he’s decided to spend a couple of months at the cabin timeshare a friend convinced him to invest in. Being isolated in the dead of winter should give him no choice but to write. It was working to, until stubborn Professor Janae, hijacks his writer’s hideaway. She’s annoyingly sexy, making it hard for him to focus on anything but her!
This forced cohabitation may stoke a fire that they can’t put out!


Pre-Order Spotlight – Lovers Hiatus (Love On Vacation Book 2), by Taylor Love

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