Second chance stories are a favorite of mine. The Guy Next Door perfectly satisfied my passion for this trope. Not only was the tale excellently crafted, but it was also a lovely story to read multiple times. The magic of Potter Lake, the author’s fictional town, and each new account makes the place real. We met Evonne Girard in a previous Potter Lake story. This time it was nice to get the chance to know her better, and to her to have a chance for happily-ever-after.

When Evonne moved out of her parents’ place to be a real adult, she did not imagine the idea would be hard to master. How difficult could it be? Pay a few bills, have the freedom to do you, not answer to your parents about your chosen career- what could be better, right?  Well, real life can be a beeyatch even when you think you’re prepared.  The first steps involved finding a place and peace of mind. If she were lucky, she’d also find a Boo to go along with the new home.  So, when Evonne had a little mishap and had to get stitches, she received the delight of her life in the form of Taj Wright, Registered Nurse. He was able to stitch her up and put a little flicker in her dormant heart. Later, Taj rented his on-property apartment to a new neighbor, and on cue, their attraction and sparks flared.

The backstory allowed Leslie, and her hot husband, the former NBA star Kade Cunningham a quick cameo to show off their relationship. I wasn’t mad at them. Other side plots featured another political race and Leslie’s misfortune with the salon. The night the lights went out in Georgia, left much of Potter Lake in the dark. Nurse Taj and Evonne found ways to make do with their own energy sources. They did not need light to see why they were a fabulous couple.  An excellent story, I highly recommend reading. 5 Stars!

Review – The Guy Next Door, by DL White

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