Wow! This was a thrilling read. Indeed! Let me begin with that statement.
In this story, Kaliah James and Antonio Clark made eye contact, and all the sparks between them could be seen as far away as Saturn, and the rings around the planet mirrored the stars rotating in their eyes. Kaliah was on vacation, the same as Antonio, and they each planned to take some time away from their hectic lives. Kaliah was a seasoned actress in need of some R & R when she booked a trip to a mountain resort in Montana. She planned to heal from her divorce, which scarred her heart. Antonio’s trip to Portland, Oregon was delayed when his private jet had to make a quick detour to Montana. The only hotel in this remote area was the same place in which Kaliah was already situated. His swift exit was thwarted once he met Kaliah. For a high-profile person, Kaliah did not wear a diva attitude like some so-called celebrities exhibit when in public. The three days they spent together were pure bliss for Kaliah and Antonio. Antonio was a celebrity as well, as he was an NFL star player and had the same level of notoriety as his companion.
During their stay and with the help from her new friend and short-term lover, their three-day mini-vacation extended into a longer-term friendship. The flames ignited over the few days lasted the duration of the story and began their possible future. The chemistry was realistic, as the affection shone through like a beacon of light. The couple’s difficulties would commence once the two departed the mountain and returned to their real lives in the public eye. The concern was if they’d be able to maintain their love connection miles apart? Would he continue to be her Valentine after the day passed? The author told the story with a talented pen and characterized the central theme precisely. A delightful read 4.8 Stars.

Review – Say He’ll Be My Valentine, by Aubreé Pynn

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