Certain authors write about everyday families doing normal things, and readers think they know them. And no, we are not crazy. What that means is the author gave readers a chance to make a real connection with the characters to the degree that they felt like old friends.
This story featured Jerry Jenkins and his love interest, Rayne Ellison. The two were neighbors. Jerry had asked Rayne on several dates, and she’d declined because of his reputation for being a womanizer. Jerry loved women, but his preference was a beautiful, curvy woman. Rayne fit this specification to a T. It took a while for her to agree to entertain his suggestion they have a friends with benefits relationship. Jerry struggled with what to do next. And If you’ve read any of the previous books, you’ll agree that if Jerry took advice from his cousin Liam, it would be comical. Have I mentioned how a cute kid adds to the adorableness in a story? Rayne’s daughter Stormy took my heart and pressed it in her sweet palms. Stormy had the same effect on Jerry. Stormy unknowingly helped Jerry scale the walls surrounding her mother’s heart.
The way the three interacted felt familyish early in their relationship. But who could resist either Rayne or her daughter? The business aspect of the story saw Nick and Jerry having a difference in management styles. MJ, CJ, Nate, Liberty, and Sumera with their new baby as well as Violet and Charlee all made an appearance in the story. A little drama in the form of Jerry’s ex trying to cause problems, and then Rayne’s deadbeat husband Kirk, each adding to the stress factor. In the end, Jerry, Rayne, and Stormy formed an outstanding bond. Jerry learned a lesson on how to truly love someone. Readers will be expecting a little lightning strike to create another beautiful forecast of love. Charlee and Liam might be next. The story deserved 5+ Stars!

Review – A Lesson on Love (Jenkins and Sons Construction Series Book3), by Sharon C. Cooper

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