Readers the second book in this series was just as comical and compelling as the first. I can’t imagine how Mrs. Jones is going to top the first and second books.  The couple this time around did not have as volatile an introduction as Jaclyn and Kadan. Teddy Graham and Joia Love’s chance to get on one another’s nerves along with irritating the stuffing out of the other was fun. Later the stuff grown folks like to indulge in was their norm after a while.  Meanwhile, watching the sisters interaction on each episode of Live with the Love Sisters was reality show worthy, since we all know the shows are scripted.  That means Christina should write stories for some television shows. I would watch them. Oops, I digress. But, anyway, the story was fun. Did anyone notice Teddy’s name is the same as the small cookies that are adorable and sweet (Teddy Grahams)? Just saying.

Mrs. Jones gave readers a short, sexy story that we can enjoy every time a little pick-me-up is needed. Even staring at the book’s cover was delightful as they are the perfect pairing of beauty and bronze with a hotness component. However, at the onset of this story, Joia did not have relationships on her radar, or her list of things she needed, or wanted. The list of to-dos only included matters relating to Joia’ branding her business and expanding her portfolio. Teddy Graham was her ex-boyfriend, and if she had her way, he would never fill that spot again. But we all know with his charm and ultra-sexy ideas, he would win his way back into her good graces. Teddy’s personality was perfect for this story. Even though their edition was unconventionally cute, comical, it was an excellent story for a quick moment to relax, read, and reconnect with the sisters. The couple was the perfect match despite Joia’s initial objections. She would need him in the end.



Review – I Think I Might Need You (Love Sisters Book 2), by Christina C. Jones

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