Lordy you all, this author is trying to cause heart issues for old people. Thankful for good health when a sexy story like this one comes across my kindle. I’m sure I’ve made this statement many times, and I will say it again; this author can tell a love story like no one’s business. The storyline was hot and very, very, very sexy. And yes, I meant to add the levels of sexy to warn you. The storyline was hot and sensual enough for me to need another Skoby Snack. Jo was back and in rare form too.
Emmitt and Vanessa were the leads in this sexy tale. Have you noted how many times I’ve said sexy? After so much going on in her life, Vanessa deserved a chance for happiness. But Emmitt took too long to deal with his reality. It will be nice to see how the next story executes after reading this chemistry explosive story. The author said, “love’s greatest lessons come from the other side of pain,” and my goodness that was a true statement for this love story. These two individuals were an unlikely match made in so-called heaven. Emmitt’s treatment of Vanessa at the onset of the story was lethal. He continued his stupid ways for nearly half of the book. I was ready to take a pen and delete his shady butt from the story. Vanessa had other ideas, and so did Sabrina. Because of their strong views, I acquiesced. Emily was another one I had my eye on. You’ll see my point. This story required a special kind of woman to deal with this type of man. Vanessa proved to be the person he needed to relinquish his shady ways and recognize a good woman. I am so ready for the next part of this saga. 5 Hot Stars Sabrina!

Review – Who to Love (A Spin-Off), by Sabrina B. Scales

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