The story was one by this author to catch my attention by the cover. Covers matter, it doesn’t matter what others say, they matter. Why else would one read a book if the cover didn’t interest them? If the reader is honest, covers matter. Just for One Night also had another draw. The title. Kadence Victor did not know a lot about loving relationships. However, she did know that she did not want to be tied down. A man in her life was a low priority at best. Her nosy friends who are in love and think everyone should be in love much the same, decided their friend needing saving, and a man was the answer to her problems. Be aware, Kadence was content. The other participant in the fiasco was an old friend of the family, Barry Williams. After seeing her, Barry determined he could get Kadence in his bed for more than just one night. The couple agreed, just one night together, and that was just the start of the flames, which led to the fire and became a blazing inferno for the pair. Kadence agrees to accept her friends’ suggestion and allow her guards down and spend a night with the guy she once pined over when they both were mere teens. The author told this story passionately. The couple’s relationship moved into real lovers’ mode rather quickly. The attraction did not feel superficial; it was easy to believe their story. The story flowed nicely. The lovemaking scenes also drew a nice picture, nothing too explicit, yet intimate enough to like the way Barry handled his business. Kadence’s relationship with the ladies was yet another treat in the story, much the same as Barry’s with the fellas. It was refreshing to have a nice friend to lovers’ piece with a little drama and then the culmination in the end. A. Jones is an author to watch. Readers, you heard it here first. 4.8 Stars.

Review – Just for One Night, by A. Jones

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