Apt F58 was Keshia’s story. We finally had the chance to see how Keshia and my favorite cheater came to be together. If you’ve read about the Shaw family in the story, A Collection of Christmas Stories from The Bricks, you will know whom I’m speaking. The Christmas story was where readers met Josh and Keshia. If you haven’t read that story, it will help you with their background for this story.
Josh was married to Simone when he had the affair and baby with Keshia. Keshia gave their son to Josh to be reared by him and his wife. Josh and Simone went their separate ways and started to date other people after his infidelity and son; this was the last straw for Simone. Over time, Josh came to realize he was probably not getting his wife back anytime soon. A side note: I liked the way Josh called Simone’s man El Debarge…
Here’s the story. Keshia moved back to Rose Palms to Apt F58, the place where her life first took a tumble and the years that brought her back to the place where it all started. Her story was not for the faint of heart. However, the ending will bring more joy instead of pain. Keisha stopped by Josh’s restaurant, the Chop Shop, to speak with him about finally meeting her son. Josh was not excited about the idea, but because his son was already inquiring about his mother, he relented. It would be nearly impossible to keep them apart any longer. Once he was over the initial shock of seeing the woman who’d changed his life forever, Josh was cool. Although he was remorseful about the situation he’d created, the drama impacted his family for the rest of their lives. Let me make this clear; Josh did not regret having his little man-child. He hated the way his actions caused the riff but make no mistake; he loved his son Bailey. Also, Josh struggled with Keshia being back, and not accepting his flirty comments.
So, when another guy expressed interest following Keshia establishing a new relationship with her son, Josh was all in his feeling. I did not expect him to show his behind as he did, nor did I expect Simone to be the voice of reason. In the back of my mind, I think Simone still wants Josh. And we all know Josh, never fully accepted the break up with Simone. Desmond became the new guy, who would eventually cause Josh to act out. The other facet of the story focused on Keshia’s abundance of children. The incident to generate the first spiral for Keshia would prove to be the drama that would likely move the story into the next phase. You’ll need to read to see what happened with Josh, Desmond, and Keshia. 5 Stars!

Review – Apt F58: Keshia (The Bricks Book 3), by Sabrina ELB Scales

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