The author I’m writing about is prolific in her writing, and at one point, I wondered if she was a tiny robot ravenously spewing books every week. Then, I learned she was a dedicated author determined to certify her craft. The story I’m reviewing chronicled a different take on one of the themes she’s focused on recently. Aali and Lexi’s relationship was merely meant to be from the very first meeting. His swagger and presence were undeniable. The premise of this story: Lexie’s father was a greedy, money hungry, power-driven mongrel of a man, and with that said, he still loved his daughter. Yes, he had low morale’s and had way too much love of wealth. Moreover, I think he adored his only daughter, despite his actions to the contrary. When a drug lord presented plans to take over the two remaining tobacco fields to grow illegal plants alongside the tobacco plants, Lexie’s father blocked their advances and developed another plan. He was determined to stay out of the activities of illicit means. The two remaining tobacco owner’s mission involved a marriage of the two families; this action would co-mingle the resources and power of the two families, in hopes of quelling the drug lords power.

Lexie had been there done that and had the notes to prove she was not interested in being tied to a cheating, self-confessed womanizer for any period.  The man in the marriage fiasco was not featured as much in the story, and his impact wasn’t needed, nor desired. It almost felt like the author forgot about him a few times. I liked the way the tale maneuvered with Lexie and Aali as the featured characters. The story started with Lexie’s father Oxford, informed about the tobacco crop issues. The backstory involved Aali’s introduction into Oxford and Lexie’s life. As the story continued with the other man trying to get Lexie to come around to his way of thinking, and Ox, hoping to retire one day with his wealth intact. Things were going according to Ox’s plan, so he thought. All Aali wanted in life was to stay on the right side of the law, as well as having the woman he desired. Lexie, on the other hand, wanted to be with a man who loved her for her, not her father’s symbol of love. Another keen character in the story was Aali’s brother Ezekiel. Now, that man was a scary and passionate character. I enjoyed the way his story wove into the intricacy of Aali and Lexie’s story, along with the family love and dynamics between the brothers.

The story- a nicely told love story with a unique angle I could champion all the way to the final page. The chemistry and connection between the main characters were amazingly evident. I can’t wait to see what happens with Ezekiel’s story. I must admit, B. Love, this story was five stars (5-stars) and some.

Review – Yours to Keep, by B.Love

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