D. Rose caught my eye with another book a few months back, and I’ve done my best to stay abreast to her books when a new one releases. The recent book is as fascinating as the last with crisp dialogue and the new characterizations in the story. Because of love, folks will do various things, some out of love and others out of spite, if that can stand up to the test.
Mecca and Nina had a great story, and the author weaved their relationship exquisitely. I liked the way Mecca was decisive in his feelings for Nina and staked his claim definitively. Nina often worked his last nerves, yet he stuck with her through it all. Nina’s strategic plan, that was almost neurotic at times had me shaking my head. Her careful planning and strategy came to a screeching halt when she met Mecca. Mecca’s project always revolved around his music and his family. So, falling for someone just like him, except in female form had him off kilter. Once the two finally decided to try a strategy on the other, the plan ended in a summer arrangement to be friends with benefits. The plan nearly failed when they had to decide if their love was enough when feelings involved, and other forces tried to pull them apart. The tale was a good read worth 4.5 stars.

Review – Because of Love (For Keeps Book 1), by D. Rose

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