The book opened with a synopsis asking readers if there was anything wrong with being single. Is there? Since I’ve been married for 30+ years, I can’t remember what it was like to be single. If an unmarried person chooses to stay that way, I don’t understand why others find this situation so offensive. In this short tale, Amari was the single woman vowing to remain relationshipless until she decided otherwise. Any man seeking her attention was spurn and quickly sent on his way. Once Luca invited himself into her life, the coldhearted feelings she once harbored melted away like ice cream on a sunny day in Miami.
No, she wasn’t ready to run down the aisle to marry Luca on the spot. She was, however, open to the possibility of more. She did not want to admit to having strong feelings for Luca out of fear of rejection. Luca, equally, wanted to let Amari know how he felt and to show her with his actions. He did not want to come on too aggressively and lose her altogether, so his catch-22 was how to demonstrate to her how much he loved her when she was hesitated to let him in. He succeeded in the end. The story was well-told with so much love. I’ll be ready for what’s next from this author. A remarkable job worth 4.5 stars.

Review – Been So Long, by A. Nicole

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