Kelly and Elias were a lovely couple; Bel Amour was also a fantastic story. Photographer Kelly Holloway made magic behind her camera lens. As a freelance photographer for a sports magazine she’d made acquaintance with some of the league’s best NBA players. When she met Elias Caballero, a top shooting guard for the Atlanta Cobras, her life was in for a rocky ride. His career image pegged him as an all-around womanizer. In this story, what looked like a duck was sometimes a goose. After multiple heartaches, Kelly was at the point in her life where throwing in the relationship towel was her next step until Elias. Although Elias’s image in the media was an open book, what we saw was unlike his reality. Despite all the photographs the paparazzi posted with him and the women, the truth of his persona was somewhere in between. His off-court aura was undetectable to the naked eye. When the team hired Kelly to photograph him and a few of his team members, she planned to keep him at arm’s length even when she had a strong attraction to Elias. While on assignment, his desires for her amplified and vice versa. Then, the usual drama opts-in and some additional theatrics caused the couple to have further problems, which eventually resolved suitably for the couple. The sexual relationship sweetly detailed Kelly and Elias’s chemistry. Their relationship grew and blossomed as the story concluded on a grand note. The 4.0 stars story was sweet.

Review – Bel Amour, by Chelle Ramsey

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