The title was the bomb. I wanted to see what on Earth this author was up to with that catchy title. I’m going to try and help you guys by giving you a heads-up on women so, listen up fellas. When a woman says, it is me or whatever, it is already too late in many cases. Raphael’s relationship of many years should’ve told him eventually Kena would reach her final straw with his foolishness, and bull spit lies.  A duffle bag and four large pieces of luggage was the second clue he’d screwed up royally. As much as it was evident Raphael loved Kena; he thought he had more time to quit selling drugs and going straight before she did the unthinkable. But, no, his time was up at the same time she made the decision to leave. In her mind, this was the only way to get his attention. And, did she ever!

Raphael lost track of his wife because he thought he had enough time to get it right. He wanted Kena to have it all, and she only needed him. With her business, she had her own wealth, independent from her husband’s illegal empire. So, what did they have in common you ask? They had true love. Once Raphael realized Kena was not playing with him, he took a dose of act right and started putting his life together. And you know a man will be motivated quickly when he peeps that someone is about to infringe on his relationship.  The story had two lessons, one for men and the other for women. Kena was a great example to deliver both. If you say you’re going to do something, do it, no matter how much it hurts. Eventually the pain will become both your pleasures. The second lesson was to the men, don’t take your lady for granted. A strong woman is always my shero, and this author is notorious for delivering those in spades. 5 Stars!

Review – It’s Me or the Bag: A New Urban Love Story, by Angelia Vernon Menchan

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