Claimed by a Knight is at the top of my list of things I want besides taking Ian from Giselle. But I know these she-devils won’t let their men out of their sights with good reasons. Do not trust me. Just so you’ll know, despite my protest, Remington Knight and Paige Bennett made an excellent coupling in this tale. If you are looking for a hot man, look at the Knight men for inspiration. If a close family bond is on the agenda, then the Knight clan is still the one to fill the bill. When Paige came home to support her dying friend, she did not know she would also find someone of her own to love.

The connection between Remington and Page was an incredible story. Remington was a retired NFL star who’d come home to establish his brewing company to build on his family’s legacy along with adding to his new business ventures. He also wanted to find his peace. His peace quickly involved getting his former love back with Paige. His brewing company was the perfect distraction and fueled his desire to have her back in his life happily ever after. Paige focused on their rekindled relationship as a welcomed diversion for both. Ian Nobel’s sightings had me singing a tune of glee, and several of the characters we’ve come to love made an appearance as well for added excitement. The couples’ chemistry resembled previous relationships we’ve witnessed. The connection was extra hot, intense, sexy and too amazing.

The ancillary characters added so much to the story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, along with the revisit from Paige’s family members and friends. As always, the author did a great job telling a story about rekindled love. Remington did not fumble the ball he intercepted, because he and Paige scored a touchdown to claimtheir game of love. 5 Stars!

Review – Claimed by a Knight, by Te`Russ

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