Book three was the magic in this author’s mastermind. She gave readers a dose of mystic in two characters, one whose names in the urban dictionary means a beast of physical nature, and one who’s highly intelligent.  Bilan’s name in the urban dictionary means a wonderful woman, a pretty woman.

Each definition was plausible for both in this author’s storyline. From the first book to the final edition in the tier, it was sheer magnificence in each telling. The relationship between Sadik and Bilan grew as the layers in the story manifested into a beautiful sonnet-like bravado.  The part you will love is the growth within the characters. Bilan, morphed into a boss lady with boldness attached to a sassy personality. Her assertiveness took on a whole new brash and self-assurance that made this G. Mom proud. Sadik loved to rip away her layers and devour his treasure. He was the leader in their relationship, yet Bilan held her own.

The story revealed some truths about the Ellis family the author hinted about in the previous books. You will get the whole kit and caboodle with this one. The kitchen sink and some. Trust me, it was delightful. All the other shenanigans in a Love Belvin story did what it was supposed to do by showing us the ones who would reign supreme in the end.  Sadik was the friend, lover and the protector for his Bilan. We need men like him, who are willing to do battle with his family, or the underworld, and then rock his babies to sleep at night. His single-minded dream to be with the woman he obsessed over, to gain her full support in the end, and to protect her heart. He won! A ravishing read! 5+ Stars!

Review – He Who is a Protector (Sadik Book 3), by Love Belvin

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