The first book in this series had me hooked at the beginning of the book; this story took a few chapters to pull me all the way into the book. Crayson was a handsome man with a tattoo filled body. He took no issues with giving his all to the woman he wanted. The catch in the story was the woman he wanted did not want him. Crayson was a good man who had his own business next door to Jordyn’s– the woman he wanted to get to know much better—business. Crayson had a thing for his business neighbor and even though he tried not to be a major dickwad, but he became another man when he was around Jordyn Jameson. The way the couple did the back and forth before they came to agree that the attraction requited, it was interesting to witness. It was fun to watch the angry exchanges between Jordyn and Crayson before the change came through. He often spoke his mind without thinking about the consequences.
Malik, Caden, Micah, Carter and the other Madden brothers were included in the story with a cameo here and there. The New York location served as the backdrop for this daring story. It will be nice to see what happens with the next Madden Brothers. Overall, the story was 4.5 stars and a great read.

Review – Claimed by Crayson (To Marry a Madden Book 2), by Sherrelle Green

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