The story gave readers another chance to visit with our friends from Mahogany Heights. My love of this once unnamed place always intrigued other readers and me for several years. Mahogany Heights always felt like a real place in the universe. Hudson and Summer added to the neighborhood fantasy. The new couple on the landscape fit like a new pair of red bottom shoes for Christmas. The premise for the story was totally ingenious. Picture the groom going to his safe spot the day he was supposed to marry and not feeling remorseful. That was quite a sight. Yes? The safe spot was a highly unexpected garden filled with herbs and vegetables cultivated by a proprietor named Summer. Although the story was a novelette, it was a highly evolved romantic read. Summer’s story had a lot of “oh my! what did you say” moments. Her past was unexpected and gave readers a reason to feel compassionate for this little lady. Hudson was a handsome man caught in a circumstance he had to deal with in due time. The way his relationship ended, and his new life began was a joy. I know, that does not sound too kind, but you’ll see my opinion was accurate. The vision of Summer always in booty shorts was a nice place for Hudson’s eyes to roam and enjoy. Hudson’s reaction to her attire had me cracking up most of the time. The extras in a Christina Jones novel always pull me deeper into the story. Grandma was a hoot and a holler. I loved her antics. Summer and Hudson’s relationship evolution was epic Mrs. Jones greatness. The story was short, sweet and way too sexy for words. The novelette was 60 something pages, yet filled with so much love and affection with a tight storyline. 5+Stars!

Review – Grow Something: An Equilibrium Novelette, by Christina C. Jones

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