The much anticipated conclusion to the Damaged Hearts Series was worth the wait. Even if this reviewer whined like a big baby. The story was superb. Aside for the fact that Tali got on my last nerves, I loved the story anyway. I enjoyed the way this author implores readers to delve deeper into the depths of the character we hate, to be able to recognize the real person underneath the façade. Painstakingly, this author delivers in a way the layers are no longer present, and the character is visible. Many times, during the story, I was in my feelings over the events Tali initiated with Les. He needed to have a plan to span the Sahara Desert to be able to negotiate Tali’s hardened heart in its totality. The synopsis said neither Les nor Tali started out looking for love. However, love found them and wrapped them tightly in its cocoon. They both had many issues with trust, hurt, pain, heartache, and lacked emotional clemency. Their attempts to navigate the rough terrain of forgiveness became a tough task. Especially after Les did something unthinkable, and Tali was unwilling to pardon Les’ transgression. A woman scorned is a hard task to master. Tali scorned is like running into a tsunami and hoping to come out unscathed. Men make some of the dumbest decisions when they are hurt. Men should also remember a woman can hold a grudge until the end of time. In the end, Les prevailed with his whole heart intact. Tali realized Les still owned her heart despite his stupid stunt. The story was worth the wait to see how two broken people would eventually come together in love and harmony. As always, the characters in the backstory also float to the top every time. The friends this author writes about in each of her stories, add to her mystic as a storyteller. Bravo AshleyNicole! Thank you for your writing prowess and for penning magnificent materials for readers to devour. 5 Stars!

Review – Director’s Cut: Damaged Heart Series, by AshleyNicole

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