The Culmination of Everything was differently delicious read for this reviewer. Readers know they are going to get a female character with a strong persona in a Mrs. Jones novel. Readers also realize the male character will be a strong male lead. Ben was alpha with bravado on ten. It was plain to see he wasn’t expecting Kyle to be a progressive female, nor one with testicles as big as his. She let him know she was not the one to allow a man to get the best of her.

When Kyle came to Sugar Valley to decompress, she did not expect to find a place of peace and a level of comfort in such a small town. Kyle was a big city girl. Ben, conversely, was from this small town known as Sugar Valley. He had some anger management issues associated with his stressed related job and other drama. The two dominant forces met and had a near-fatal encounter early in the story. Things didn’t get any better as the bossy couple ended up in a slight predicament for a short while a bit later.

The way the author spoke about Ben’s four-legged companion was sweet. And as the story progressed, he became a focal point in the story, alongside Ben’s mother, and Kyle’s family. The couple should’ve been considered broken, as they both experienced considerable pain over the course of their lives, and neither fully recovered from their situations. For much of the story, Ben was a major pain in the butt. He showed little compassion for others other than his little furry friend and his mother. Kyle also suffered on the inside. Because she was supposed to be strong, it was harder to show her emotional turmoil.

Once they finally made it past all of the BS and came together like two people in like for one another, this part in the story gave off excellent vibes and nicely revealed the storyline’s intimate undercurrent. The ending to the story fit an ardent enemy to lovers tale. The story brought the relationship full-circle and connected the dots to help readers understand the reasons behind their pain. Their rocky start ended on solid ground. Thankfully, they had one another to continue the healing process together. A superb story. 5 Stars.

Review – The Culmination of Everything (Sugar Valley Book 1), by Christina C. Jones

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