The newest book by this author shows the growth in her writing. The title was fascinating and the synopsis of the story had a nice catchy introduction. It began like this, “You’re bad for me Nim because it’s crazy and I know I’m playing a dangerous game, but I don’t think I can stop even if I wanted to.” That was Andretti letting Nim know she had her hooks in him. And there was the hook; this reviewer wanted to experience the passion this man had for this woman.

The couple had such a dramatic connection for one another it was frightening and exhilarating much the same. The adrenaline rushes they each got from the other were poetic and mesmerizing. In this story, this couple should not have meshed. They were opposites who were alike. They each recognized the familiarity from the start of their relationship. Lust driven, sex driven, or heart driven, either description would suffice for this couple.

The character’s names had a catchy ring to them, and the personalities kept the story flowing with ease. The love connection- sooky, sooky good. Let’s not forget about the ancillary characters in the story. Britton was mad stupid. Emani was such a round-the-way girl. Keyon and Bria were loads of fun. Lauren and the parents were too cool. The storyline was spot on, and the writing kept this reader turning pages seeking more and more. The story was an enjoyable read worthy of 4.5 stars. Listen, readers, you’ll be sorry, if you don’t give this author a try.

Review – The One He Craves, by A. Marie Johnson

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