The title of this book was so cool. The perfect hook for those of us who wanted to get a fierce tale. The title gave us reasons to hope.  Sasha Kane waited for her man’s last opportunity to get it right, but he failed. Once Aaron decided to move on with his life, the excuse he spoke about wanting out had me hotter than fish grease. Truthfully, it was well past the time to move on from her useless man. Ex was a story that featured two people from opposite sides of the wealth spectrum. Amal Benjamin was from a family of means with a level of affluence that surpassed many in their town.  Sasha was from a middle-class family who occasionally struggled to make ends meet like regular folks.

Amal and Sasha attended the same schools and traveled in some of the same circles. However, the two had a love-hate relationship with one another. Mostly they argued when they were in each other’s presence. Sasha always believed he gave off an air of supremacy over lesser means folks like her. When Sasha was commissioned to paint a picture by Amal’s mother, Sasha did not realize his mother’s views of the less fortunate were negative until she received the snub firsthand. As Amal planned to uproot himself from the clutches of his family, he anticipated receiving the inheritance from his grandfather to build his business. Sadly, Amal learned his parents were immovable for his causes. His parents threatened to block his trust fund unless he fell in line with their wishes. Amal’s plans to step out on his own stymied when funding became an issue. How in the h#!! does a family treat their only son as an article of trade? Rich folks, smh!

Meanwhile, Sasha planned to fulfill her dream of buying a once vibrant business storefront, which closed five years earlier. Her plan hit a roadblock when the enemy purchased it from under her nose. Once Amal realized he needed to act nicely with Sasha if his dream and hers were to come to fruition. He had to bite the bullet and talk to Sasha about collaborating. The couple’s working arrangement progressed into a delicate relationship and love affair. I enjoyed this couple, especially when they went from enemies to lovers in a smooth transition. Hopefully, neither will have to be an ex ever again. Nicely done. 4.5 Stars.

*note: a free copy of this book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Review – Ex I Don’t Want to Be, by Iesha Bree

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