I saw the title and thought undoubtedly this was a typo, and the great gods at Amazon would not let this author get away with this title. Okay, I was wrong, and did I tell you all how much I loved this novella? It was a fun, funny, comical, and entertaining story. Need I add a few more adjectives to describe this tale? Good! I was running low. Here’s the synopsis that had me ready to read. “For Jane and Nigel, timing is everything.” I was like, really, is that all, okay, I’ll bite. Remember, it’s a novella before you start whining about the length of the story. Yes, it was shorter than some will like, but for me, it was enough to make me come back, again and again, to enjoy this author’s writing. Jane told her story with sass and calmness about her. So, let’s talk about this f*cking story (pun intended).  Jane met Nigel and had a one-night stand. That one event evolved into the most magical encounter known to mankind. They found friendship, a relationship and someone to help pull the other outside of their norm. Their adventures had me laughing with side-splitting humor. Yes, it was short, yes, the story hit the spot, and the couple had me thinking about all the ways they spiced up the other’s life… The sex, okay, that was off the chain sexy. With a title like this, the story had to be super-hot. The author delivered a couple who readers could believe in their chemistry. It was evident in the way my pages kept flaming. I can’t wait to see what’s next, as here’s hoping we see them again in another story down the road.

Review – f*ck and fall in love: a novella, by Nicole Falls

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