Ivy Laika had me saying “What you talkin bout Willis?” when I read the premise for this story. Then, I said, “this black man better not be playing with me.” Well, guess what readers? He was somewhat serious. Parents, let me school you, hip you, drop some knowledge, etc. If you trump your children into thinking stupidity is boss, then you get back what you put in. In this story, this business owner had a history of looking down on anyone they perceived as less than desirable for the company’s image. Warren Johnson did not buy into this thought process totally; he had some reservations about the discriminatory act it imposed. Afrika Phillips applied for a job with Warren Johnson’s family-owned business. He refused to hire her based on her name.

After he saw her face to face, he changed his mind. The events that lead to that decision played out in a 3-D loop a few times. You will love those events. Even when Warren tried to downplay his attraction to Afrika and not listen to his brother’s asinine beliefs, he could not help himself for wanting this woman at his business each day, under his purview daily.  Warren decided to go against the family’s teachings and hire Afrika over his brother’s demands not to hire her.  The demand fell on deaf ears, and the relationship Warren fought to overlook, stared him in the face with big beautiful eyes.  The way Warren supported Afrika and showed how much he cared was sweet. He still had to overcome some obstacles of his own to be able to commit to Afrika without fear and regret.  The story was nicely detailed and filled my needs for a great read. 4.5 stars.

Review – Feel My Love by Ivy Laika

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