Ivy Laika is a new addition to the B. Love author pool and the right choice for her portfolio. Lawdy, this story was some kind of goodness. The main character, Christela, was in the process of going through a crisis in her personal life. She did not feel that love was in her future. When her younger sister suggested she take a short trip to Boston, her life changed in ways she could not imagine. During her stay, she met Mac Pierre (loved his name), and from the first day they met Christela decided she would take her younger sister’s advice and let her hair down and do whatever she chose. Following her stay in Boston with Mac, their hot and sexy weekend turned into more than either of them expected. In this story, there was this part that involved a dream shared by the pair, this was poignant and surreal. Calling out the author to hurry and bring readers the next installment. 5.0 Stars.

Review – Feign for Me, by Ivy Laika

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