Love’s Dance is the first book I’ve read by this author. I liked it enough to give her a try with future novels. A story that deals with music, dance, or art in any form is delightful. That factor will drive my reading habits every time. In this story, Journey Mills returned to her hometown to find the guy who broke her heart still lived in the city, along with the drama queen surrounding their breakup. Journey Mills always wanted to be a dancer and hoped to make it big when she left Miami. Years later, she had not met that goal and her former crush still lived in Miami (along with Journey’s dormant feelings for him). When she took a job at a dance studio, their time apart would soon become a distant memory if Reid St Cloud played his cards correctly. After his career was cut short by an injury, Reid started a furniture making and refinishing business. He worked with the dance studio to help with props. Little did they know, they had each other’s interest unbeknownst to one another. The story unfolds well, with the evil popular girl coming back for her man. Reid made the correct decision in choosing the woman who was best for him this time. 4.0 stars.

Review – Love’s Dance, by Loni London

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