The story, I was not ready for a story of this magnitude. The story was so deep and emotional; it made for an impassioned read. The main couple had a great deal of turmoil around them, and the story required readers to stay buckled in for the intense ride. The tale was the definition of a page turner. The context would not allow me to put the book down. The premise for the story was about a leading lady not used to having a man love her so nobly and with his level of kindness. The other fact was the loving man was named D`Haven. How ironic for the next best thing in her life to be named for a place of peace.
Not being a proponent of violence, this statement is more tongue in cheek when I say with conviction, Alonzo got what he dished out for once. To that point, the story had elements of sadness, in the way Astryd stayed with Alonzo long past his expiration date. I get it. She wanted her children to have their father in their lives, but not at the emotional expense she endured. The point of the story was to tell Astryd’s side, and parts of that story included a man she loved to a fault. No judgment attached here. Readers, we’ve all heard the expression you can’t help who you love, well, in this case, Astryd chose badly the first time. I was so happy when she realized a good man was right under her nose all along.
D`Haven was right on time when he became the man to bring Astryd out of her miserable situation and to show her that love can heal wounds. D`Haven gave Astryd a second chance to have the love she so richly deserved. This author of urban fiction tells a great story time and again. As a reviewer, I implore you to give one book a try, and you’ll thank me for the suggestion the next time around — a 5-Star rating.

Review – When She’s Broken, by BriAnn Danae

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