What can I say; this author delivers a great story and a bag of chips each time! Many readers have come to depend on this author to give a nicely told story with a little extra heat. Live at Five was a second chance at love novel. There’s something about getting the chance for a do-over to make my heart swell with glee. And there is nothing better than getting that chance with someone you once and possibly still love.

David and Olivia got the opportunity to be together again after being apart ten years. It was refreshing and delightful to see their love rekindle and grow into a blazing inferno. As the story developed many missing pieces of the couple’s puzzle was made clear, as well as some unanswered questions explained. Their story began as a teenaged couple who were nearly inseparable most of the time but was later torn apart by a situation beyond their control. They were neighbors and best friends, then young lovers until their friendship abruptly ended. Then ten years later the reconnection was like they were never apart. Although the story was concise, it packed a hard punch to the heart. Olivia and David’s backstory were adorable, sweet and sorta sexy. Since the author gave hints and cameos about other characters known from other books, it’s a possibility this couple could find their way into another story down the line. Let’s just say this reviewer is hopeful for another visit. The story was believable, although compact, it was pulled together with a big beautiful bow, for a perfect little gift to readers. I gave this one a 5-star rating.

Review – Live at Five, by Te`Russ

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