The stories this year have been creative and quite imaginative. In this story, a female whose father owned a boxing school and trained contenders for a boxing title was also smitten with a boxer. Her love fest with the idea of being a boxer and living out her family’s legacy died a dreadful death. Because her father thought otherwise, she chose to hide her boxing activities. Her father’s vexation triggered when one of his best fighters showed too much interest in his only daughter.
Let’s stop there and think about being a young person and the reaction to being told by parents not do something. I’ll give some of you a few minutes to catch up to the rest of us… *Said in my best singer Betty Wright voice* Okay, now what did you come up with? That’s what I thought. It’s likely your actions of defiance mirrored the female character if you’re honest. In this story, Jackson “The Punisher” Knight was the fighter who’d caught the eye of Francine “Frankie” Waters, the daughter of his mentor and trainer. The tale is a sports-themed romance; it is also a second chance love story. Readers met a renowned father, a former boxer, whose love for the art of boxing, also soared in the art of building the character of those under his tutelage. Then a break in the relationship happened because of her father’s reaction to Frankie and Jackson’s closeness. Mr. Waters did not like the idea, and the plot thickened.
Fast forward several years and her father’s still orchestrating their lives from afar. Mr. Waters had a plan that was not apparent when they initially split. The couple has a second chance at love which was nicely detailed. Both were stubborn beyond measure. Their relationship was better served then, rather than had they stayed together in defiance of her father’s demands. Frankie Waters’ stubborn streak was a mirror image of her fathers. That was the beauty of this story. The angst, the drama, the romantic component, and both their athletics prowess made this story intense. The backstory was clearly about both Frankie and Jackson wanting to prove something to their mentors. Love Taps was their opportunity to have a second chance to get it right together. Feel free to tap, jab, skip, or click your way to get this story. It was worth every rendezvous. Wink. Wink!

Review – Love Taps (Love Redemption Book 2), by Aja

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